More than 100 Unhappy Army officers move SC alleging discrimination in the Indian Army


Several Lieutenant Colonels and Majors of the Indian Army have moved the Supreme Court challenging discrimination in rank promotion of officers in the service corps.

The major argument raised by the officers who have filed the petition, not only criticizes the service corps being deployed in operations where they are not supposed to be part of, however, also raises concerns on being denied the benefits that should be due to them.

The service corps of the Indian Army are primarily responsible to provide logistics to the Army. “This act of Army and Union government (discrimination in promotion) has created tremendous injustice to the petitioners and others which is detrimental to the morale of the officers and, in turn, to the defence of the country,” read the petition.

Last year, the honourable Supreme Court had settled a petition that was filed by the service corps, claiming only a few colonel posts allocated for promotion.

The defense experts see this as a fresh challenge for the newly appointed Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.


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