Undeterred by controversies, Lalit Modi goes full throttle on Twitter


Despite severe criticism for his actions, Lalit Modi seems to be blessed with a “Devil May Care Attitude”. Well we don’t say that, it is his Twitter handle which seems to be announcing exactly that.

In a series of tweets, Lalit Modi mentioned that he wasn’t convicted by any court and it was only the media which pronounces him guilty but chooses to cite sources instead of any concrete proof against his so-called malpractices.

On being asked if he would sue the Times Group, Modi replied via a tweet that he would “take them to the cleaners”.


Speaking about death threats, Modi said, “Not afraid of death. Have had 4 attempts on my life. Changed my view ask all my friends and family. I live for today.”

The tweets didn’t stop at that. Modi also tweeted a picture collage featuring Anurag Thakur, Rajeev Shukla, N Srinivasan and Arun Jaitley terming them the “First Family of Cricket”


On a lighter note, noted columnist and political commentator, Shobha De had tweeted


To that tweet, Modi replied in his own style (the use of emoticons showing the kind of fun and frolic that Montenegro is all about)


Well, the tweets are never ending but we leave you with Modi’s strong message targeted towards his haters and opponents.


Earlier, a fresh email related to Modi shows a “nexus” between him and Mumbai police officials to allegedly influence the judicial process in to a case against his rival and then BCCI chief N Srinivasan.

A report carried by the Indian Express said that a whistle-blower called Neeraj Gunde had complained to the union law ministry in February 2014 about an email trail that “exposed the fact” that Arup Patnaik, Mumbai’s former police commissioner, and Ranjib Biswal, who was the IPL chief last year, “brokered the deal to unseat Mr Srinivasan…”

According to the report, the law ministry was made aware of this ‘nexus’ four months before Sushma Swaraj wrote to British official clearing the way for Modi to obtain his travel documents.

Patnaik, however, denied the charges, ““I have never interacted with Lalit Modi. I know of Ranjib Biswal but he is not an acquaintance. I categorically deny having any association with Modi, leave alone the question of interceding on his behalf.”

Biswal, for his part, told the paper, “iswal said: “I have not spoken to Modi since the time he left India in 2010. There has been no association with him whatsoever.”

The former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has been dominating the media coverage in India for more than a week after it was revealed that the foreign minister Sushma Swaraj had helped him obtain travel documents even when he was being tried for money laundering and black money by the enforcement directorate.

Later, new revelations surfaced involving Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia. Documents showed how she had agreed to become a secret witness in Modi’s immigration papers on a condition that this information was not made public.

Well the war seems to have just begun, and JKR will keep getting you more from the timeline of Lalit Modi and others involved.


  1. THE DAREDEVIL ATTITUDE OF LALIT KUMAR MODI DRIVES THAT MAN TO BE A DEVIL :- On March 1, 1985, while a sophomore, Modi was arrested on charges of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, assault and second-degree kidnapping. On April 2, 1985, Modi and another student were indicted. Modi pleaded guilty to the crime when the case was heard in the Durham County court, North Carolina and later entered a plea bargain, which resulted in a suspended two-year prison sentence.

  2. And the sentence was reduced to 100 hours of community service. But managed to get back to india without performing even one hour of community service.
    Got to say, this guy knows how to work the system (greasing the palm mostly) in any country


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