Uma Bharti objects to ‘Arvind Kejriwal’s trend’ on red beacons


Union Minister Uma Bharti on Monday objected to state governments choosing to do away with red beacons from ministers’ vehicles.

A day after Punjab chief minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, had his red beacon removed from his car, the newly elected Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, too ordered the same.

Reacting to the development, Bharti said that she had serious objection to the trend started by Delhi chief minister, ‘Arvind Kejriwal.’

uma bharti object

She said, “This is totally wrong. This will give increase the risk of accidents. Let me make couple of points on the trend that was started by Arvind Kejriwal. If any minister is going for his duty, then red beacon and stopping traffic is fine and even a flight can get delayed by 5-7 minutes. The losses often runs in crores if ministers are not able to reach on time for official meetings.

“Yes, when the same minister is going to attend, say a wedding, then he should have his red beacons removed.”

Kejriwal, after becoming chief minister in December 2013, had refused to use red beacons both himself and his ministers.

On Sunday, the beacons atop the vehicles of Punjab Chief Minister and his council of ministers were removed after the Amarinder Singh dispensation decided to put a ban on its use on government vehicles.

The red beacons were removed from the vehicles of the chief minister and other members of the council of ministers yesterday itself, without waiting for a notification, soon after the Congress government decided to put a ban on its use, an official spokesperson said here today.

Red beacons are often deemed a symbol of VIP status in India and politicians have always been accused of seeking priority treatment because of its use in India.

The Supreme Court in its judgement on 10 December, 2013, had cracked down on its rampant misuse had categorically stated that only dignitaries holding Constitutional posts (Governors, President of India, Chief Justices etc) at the Centre and states were entitled to the privilege.


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