Ukhand Assembly Budget session: Guv presents roadmap for state


The budget session of the newly elected Uttarakhand Assembly began here today with Governor K K Paul rolling out a roadmap for the state’s development with emphasis on education, health, tourism, creation of basic infrastructure and employment generation.

Laying out the priorities of the BJP government in his address to the House, Paul said it will review the education policy and prepare a curriculum which brings about qualitative improvement in educational standards.

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Economic resources will be made available to meritorious students from the weaker sections and there will be emphasis on the education of the girl child which holds the key to women’s empowerment, he said. He added that boarding schools will be opened in each district for girl students.

Paul also announced that research in astrology, architecture, ancient Sanskrit texts and the ritual aspect of the Hinduism will be encouraged. Efforts will be made to regularise guest and contract teachers, he said.

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A system which makes medical facilities accessible to all will be developed by strengthening the dial 108 service, increasing the number of mobile medical vans, and improving facilities at government hospitals, the governor said.

Paul said trauma centres will be opened in accident-prone hill areas of the state where road mishaps are frequent.

Basic infrastructure will be strengthened and employment opportunities will be created by giving a boost to investments and industries in the state, he added.

Considering the state’s potential in tourism, a tourism, art, culture and pilgrimage policy will also be framed, Paul said, adding that adventure sports facilities will be created in places abounding in rivers, lakes and dams.

To give a boost to medical tourism, Yoga and Ayurvedic centres will be set up, he said.

Paul said ancient temples will be restored and more facilities will be created around them for the convenience of pilgrims.

The amount being given to ex-servicemen under various welfare schemes will be increased and the general emphasis will be on providing transparent and effective governance to all, he said.

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