UK elderly couple forced to return from Goa Airport because they were late by five minutes


The dreams of an elderly United Kingdom couple to holiday in India were shattered after authorities at Goa Airport refused to allow them in and sent them back on the same 10-hours long flight that the two had arrived on.

A report by London’s Sun newspaper said that the couple, Ned Beercroft and his wife Margaret, was rejected entry into India due to a glitch in their Visas. The date of entry on the Visas had expired by just five minutes due to the time difference between Goa and Gatwick (about 4 hours 30 minutes) the place where the couple flew from.

The couple departed from Gatwick at 9.15 am on 21 March and reached Goa at 00.05 am on 22 March. Since the date of arrival on their visas was for 21 March, the couple was rejected entry into the country and sent back on the same 10-hour long flight that they had arrived on from Gatwick.

Both Ned and Margaret have allegedly been ill ever since the incident.

The couple has complained to the Indian Embassy about their ordeal but has not heard back from them yet, reported The Sun.

According to the report, the couple had allegedly splurged on a £2,000 holiday package in a hotel in Goa and they had to return without any refunds.

“It’s not good for anyone to be on a plane for that long, let alone when you get to our age. Why they had to send us home for the sake of five minutes on a piece of paper is beyond us,” the couple told The Sun.

The couple, who were both dyslexic, had got a friend to fill out the visa details online for them.

“We’ve wanted to go to India for ages, but we’re certainly not going back now,” Ned, who is a retired moving man from Kent, asserted.


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