UK can keep Kohinoor, India mustn’t reclaim the diamond: Modi government to Supreme Court


Months after Congress leader Shashi Tharoor passionately taking about reclaiming the famous Kohinoor diamond from Britain, Indian government has now told the Supreme Court that UK could keep the precious jewel.

The counsel for the central government on Monday told the Supreme Court that India should not try to reclaim Kohinoor diamond as it was neither stolen nor forcibly taken.

This stand by Modi government left the Supreme Court judges somewhat surprised.

The apex court warned the government that its stand could effectively mean “You will face a problem in the future for making any legitimate claim” to the 105-carat diamond.

It said, “Do you want dismissal of the case( Kohinoor diamond)? You will face problem in future in putting any legitimate claim.”

The top court then asked the Centre to file a detailed reply within six weeks.

Supreme Court is hearing a petition by All India Human Rights & Social Justice Front, which wants India to reclaim the Kohinoor.

The Solicitor General told SC that Kohinoor was handed over by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to the East India Company adding that this was the stand of Culture ministry and the MEA was also a party even though their response was yet to come.




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