Two killed as protests over Citizenship Amendment Bill spiral out of control in BJP-ruled Assam


Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill spiralled out of control in BJP-ruled Assam after two protesters were killed in the firing by security forces. Thousands of people have taken to streets in defiance of the government’s decision to impose curfew in the state. Protesters have targeted the homes of Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Minister Rameswar Teli and BJP MLA Binanda Hazarika in the last few days.

Citizenship Amendment Bill

The state administration has suspended the internet services in at least 10 districts of Assam. The government on Thursday extended the ban by another 48 hours. The government has also deployed the army in those areas where protesters had clashed with police personnel. According to news agency PTI, troops have also been deployed in Tinsukia, Dibrugarh and Jorhat districts.

There were also reports of an indefinite curfew being imposed in Shillong from 10 PM on Thursday night.

Elsewhere, Indiatimes news portal, a website owned by Times of India group, reported that at least eight natives were killed by Bengali migrants in BJP-ruled Tripura. It later ran a correction saying that ‘while the clashes are still going on in Tripura, the number of casualties, if any, could not be confirmed. We could not get any official confirmation on the number of those killed in the violence. We will update the copy once we get more details.’

This prompted a desperate appeal from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who took to Twitter to issue an urgent plea. But, it seems there were few takers to his appeal.

Several flights to and from Dibrugarh in Assam have been cancelled. The carriers that have announced the cancellation of their flights include SpiceJet IndiGo, Vistara and GoAir.

The Indian parliament passed the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill earlier this week. The Bill provides automatic citizenship to non-Muslim illegal immigrants living in India.


  1. ‘The way hearing is proceeding in the Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha; soon the CAB will pass and the President is ready to sign it to make it a law.
    Well after the passing of NRC and CAB bills and looking to the radicalization of the Hindu majority and continuous harassment of Muslim minorities all around India; it is very clear that Muslims of India are not welcome in India as equal citizen but they can be stayed as second class citizen without many of Constitutional rights including voting rights.
    So what is the way out for 200 million Muslims of India? More probably sooner or later the world will wake-up to the plight of the Indian Muslims. It will be a historical refugee settlement plan for the United Nations. Many western nations including Canada, Australia, Greenland, Iceland and European nations will make plan to absorb these unfortunates. The Muslim nations and specially the Gulf nations will play the major role in replacing their Hindu immigrants with Muslim refugees.
    These transferred of Muslims from India will make India basically a Hindu nation like Pakistan and Israel on this globe. India will either change her Constitution or very well replaced it based on Vedas, Geeta, and Ramayan. These historical human tragedy will resolve with the loss of hundreds of thousands human beings but surely much less than what we have lost during the partition. Surely it will take decades to resettle Muslims refugees in the world but the Hindu majority will be glad to make India free of Muslims after 75 years of the birth of their nation.
    There will be many questions still remain; what will happen to Muslims graves and corps buried here? What will happen to Taj Mahal, Kutumb Minar, Red Fort and hundreds of thousands mosques and Muslim properties? Also what will happen to Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and many leaders who fought for the secular India, their legacy and statues around India? Look like these statues will be replaced with Godse; the killer of Gandhi and Savarkar; the father of Hindu Raj. The worst; 200 years of the Indian history will have to be wiped out and rewritten in dark saffron ink keeping thousands of RSS gurus and Babas busy for months and years!!’


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