Two BJP lawmakers and supporters fight because both wanted photo at blanket distribution event


In an embarrassing development, supporters of BJP MP Rekha Arun Verma and MLA Shashank Trivedi clashed in Sitapur of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday because both wanted their photos at the blanket distribution event.

blanket distribution

The brawl, according to ANI, started when Verma and Trivedi reached Maholi Tehsil office to distribute blankets among the needy. The supporters disputed over taking credit for the distribution.

Upset with the arrangements, Verma threatened the sub divisional magistrate (SDM) present at the spot, saying, “If you will create such mess, then you will not be able to stay here even for two days”.

She was also seen threatening Trivedi with her footwear in front of the SDM. The supporters of the MLA also picked up the table and tried to throw it on Verma’s supporters.

A report by NDTV said that at one point, Rekha Verma was seen slapping a man dressed in khaki. At another, the lawmaker could be seen aggressively taking off her slipper and trying to slap her adversaries standing on the other side of the table with it. The blow, however, did not land.

Maholi MLA, Trivedi, according to Hindustan Times, said the MP was distributing the blankets inside a hall of Maholi tehsil while the MLA supporters were of the view that they would distribute blankets among those standing outside.

A police team had to reach the spot to resolve the issue.


  1. This reflects the ‘ credibility ‘ of our politicians….! They are only interested in their own promotion rather than looking after the people’s welfare


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