Twitter user demand #BoycottAmazon as e-retailer is found selling doormats with images of Hindu deities, Quran, Jesus Christ and tricolour


E-retailer giant Amazon faced considerable Twitter backlash after it emerged that it was selling doormats with Hindu deities’ images on them.

Enraged by the revelation, the social media users began to trend #BoycottAmazon with many even uninstalling the mobile app for the global brand.

While Amazon was being slammed and the hashtag #BoycottAmazon began trending nationally, it emerged that doormats being sold didn’t just had Hindu deities’ images on them, but the company was also selling the same with the images of the Quran and Jesus Christ.

With this revelation, the protest became even more intense and it became almost impossible for Amazon to ignore the protest.

The company soon began removing the offensive products and even issued an apology.

One user reported that the website was also selling doormat with Indian national flag on it. In 2014 t00, Amazon was accused of selling women’s leggings carrying images of various Hindu Gods.

Here is how Twitter users reacted;


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