Twitter explodes on Modi government cancelling visa to Chinese dissident leader


On Monday, Indian government made a spectacular U-turn and succumbed to Chinese pressure to withdraw visa already granted to the Uyghur leader  Dolkun Isa.

Germany-based Uyghur activist, Dolkun Isa, had been granted a visa to attend a conference in Dharamsala this week.


The Modi government’s decision spread with a lightening speed as the opposition parties mounted attack targetting the prime minister calling him weak.

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Not so long ago, China had vetoed India’s bid to declare Masood Azhar a terrorist at the United Nations.

India’s decision  to cancel Uyghur leader a visa also made Modi a subject of ridicule with people quoting several pro-government media headlines, that had declared the original decision to grant visa to a Chinese rebel as a sign of new strength by the central government.

A day later, social media continued to attack the central government. That’s perhaps they were outraged by unconvincing explanation of the certain ministers in Modi government.

Kiren Rijiju, junior home minister and also someone who looks after the visa affairs, appeared to have made the matter worse by saying that his government wasn’t aware of the Interpol red corner notice against Isa. His comments earned the government more ridicule particularly because the original media reporting on issuing visa to Uyghur leader had prominently stated the Interpol notice against him.

Many on social media asked if the government had issued visa to a prominent dissident leader from the neighbouring country without having checked the applicant’s credential.

On Tuesday, incensed social media users launched a new trend #ChinaSlapsModiBack with many posting old tweets of Modi, who, as opposition leader, was quick to criticise the Manmohan Singh government for being ‘weak.’

Here’s a snapshot of twitter conversation on this topic:




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