Twitter account followed by PM Modi, Ramdev demands Nazi style economic boycott of Indian Muslims


A twitter handle @RSS_Org, which is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advocated economic boycott of Muslims living in India.

Among others who follow @RSS_Org, not an official RSS handle, also include Yoga guru Ramdev, several cabinet members of Modi government such as Meenakashi Lekhi and Shahnawaz Hussian.

In his series of tweets posted by the twitter handle @RSS_Org said, “Stop funding your death. Every time you do any business or take any service, please ask the name of your vendor before transaction of even 5 rupees.”

Two of its earlier tweets said, “Before expecting Modi to do some James Bondish act, Can you pls start boycotting Bangl(adeshi)/Muslim Maids, rickshaw, auto, Kabadi wala, Barber etc? And please stop being orgasmic about Karim’s chicken. Rajinder’s chicken is also there. Satisfy your taste buds there. ”


The story was first reported by and caused huge outrage on social media platforms forcing the twitter account to delete its hateful tweets reminiscent of Nazi’s Germany.

It, however, posted similar tweets but without any reference to Muslims.

The twitter account’s bio says that the ‘handle is an independent initiative by RSS Swayamsevaks.’

Modi has been known to follow abusive users, who often troll anyone who takes a critical view of the prime minister or the RSS.

However, a country’s prime minister and his cabinet following an account, which openly advocates Nazis’ style persecution of India’s minorities is alarming.

But, this is not the first time this account has spewed venom against India’s minority community.

Not so long ago, it supported the idea of stockpiling of weapons to protect themselves from Jihadi attacks.



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