Turkish Airlines flight TK-65 makes emergency landing in Delhi after ‘bomb threat’


A Turkish airlines flight from Bangkok to Istanbul made an emergency landing in New Delhi after a bomb threat was found in the toilet of the Airbus A330 passenger jet carrying 134 passengers.

“Passengers have been asked to evacuate the plane, the drill is taking place right now,” Hemendra Singh, spokesman for the federal Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF), told Reuters. All 148 passengers have now reportedly been safely evacuated and are being questioned.

Interestingly, Turkish Airlines was also targeted with a series of such bomb hoax warnings in April and this past weekend. This particular threat in the toilet was found three hours into the flight, a spokeswoman for the airline said.

Indian security forces are now scouring the jet for any signs of explosives. As soon as the all-clear is given, the flight will resume its journey to Istanbul, the airline spokeswoman said.

The airliner was flying over Nagpur when the pilot sent a request for an emergency landing and a permission from New Delhi was granted. The plane is currently being inspected in an isolated area of the airport.


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