I was trying to raise funds for Shiv Sena in USA: David Headley


26/11 attacks’ mastermind, David Headley has confessed during cross examination that he was trying to organise a fund raising programme for Shiv Sena in the USA.

Headley’s confession evoked sharp reactions from the opposition parties, who wondered demanding outrage from those who had used his confession on Ishrat Jahan as ‘gospel truth.’

Congress’ Pawan Khera said, “Those who took his word on Ishrat, now please take his word on Shiv Sena too.”

Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh slammed the BJP asking why it was silent.

He asked, “Why is the BJP silent on Headley’s confession? Is Headley raising funds for Shiv Sena a patriotism?”

Here are the highlights of his testimony currently underway at a Mumbai court via video link to USA.

  • David Headley admits, for that he was intending to invite Bal Thackeray to the US but there was no plan to attack him there.
  • Headley says he was willing to invite some other Shiv Sena leader for that programme after being told by Rege that Bala Saheb was old & not well
  • David Headley says he was in touch with Rajaram Rege for that. He never met or talked to Bala Saheb for inviting him to that programme.
  • David Headley says “I cannot disclose location of my jail where I’m lodged in. I can’t reveal what facilities I’m getting here”.
  • Court reprimanded Defence lawyer Abdul Wahab Khan for asking questions to witness without knowing the jail manual of the US.
  • Court took on record that “Defence lawyer is crossing his limits in cross examination and trying to direct the court what court should do”.
  • DavidHeadley says, “It’s not true that I’m living a luxurious life in the US prison.”
  • David Headley admits, ‘I have hatred towards Indian since my childhood and I have pleaded guilty to that.’
  • David Headley says, I’ve this hatred towards India since 7th December 1971 when Indian planes bombed my school and people who worked there died
  • David Headley says he joined LeT to avenge those bombings on my school. ‘This was one of the reasons why I joined LeT.’
  • I told Tahawwur Rana that 9 attackers who died in 26/11 attacks should be given Nishan-e-Haider
  • Headley says that during Tahawwur Rana’s trial in US,jury was given a transcript of communication b/w 26/11 attackers&their Karachi based handlers
  • Headley admits that ‘Tahawwur Rana created fake email IDs for me after 26/11 attacks, for coded communications between us’.
  • Before 26/1, I received a text message from Sajid Mir which read, ‘The game is afoot’. It conveyed that the process has begun.
  • I visited a nuclear plant in India before 26/11 but not to conduct surveillance related to Mumbai attacks. but to see if I can recruit someone from that Nuclear plant to LeT. I conveyed this information to Tahawwur after some time
  • I never did surveillance at Colaba police station but I did conduct surveillance at Maharashtra Police Headquarters near Taj
  • I visited a nuclear plant in India before 26/11 but not to conduct surveillance related to Mumbai attacks
  • I did surveillance in Military area of Colaba (Mumbai) with the same purpose with which I did surveillance at other places.
  • More to follow


  1. another foolish conclusion by AAP . if headley was planning to invite bal thackerey what was he doing in raising funds for shiv sena ? if he indeed was raising funds for shiv sena to lure balasaheb thackerey to USA as per u geniuses to assassinate what is shiv senas or BJps fault ? BTW why wud balasaheb even accept an invitation frm some one like Headley , seriously u smart ppl need some better script writers .


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