Trust Headley on Ishrat Jahan but why not Bajrangi on Narendra Modi? Video goes viral


26/11 attacks’ mastermind David Headley’s revelation that Ishrat Jahan, who was allegedly killed in a fake encounter in 2004 by Gujarat police, has kicked off a new debate on whether we should trust a terrorist.

Many are arguing that if India could trust a terrorist’s testimony, why it didn’t trust the on-camera confession of Gujarat riots’ convict, Babu Bajrangi about Narendra Modi’s involvement in the carnage that killed more than 1200 people, mostly Muslims.

In a sting operation by Ashish Khetan, now with Delhi government, for Tehelka magazine, Bajrangi had confessed how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s had not only helped the rioters but also played an instrumental role in giving him reprieve by ‘having the judge removed.’

The video of an on-camera confession by Bajrangi has now gone viral on social media.

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This is what the video description states,”Modi Exposed! Compelling Evidence that proves Narendra Modi ordered the 2002 Gujarat Riots Babu Bajrangi. Ashish Khetan, Tehelka Sting Investigative journalist went undercover, risking his life, to interview the men who did the killing and raping.

“He told them he was writing a book about the glorious rebirth of Hindutva in India and wanted to interview the heroes who had made it possible. Not knowing that they were being filmed, these men boasted about how they planned, executed, covered up the atrocities and escaped justice. They also explain how they were helped at every stage by Narendra Modi, PM candidate of the BJP.”

Watch the video here!


  1. Bajrangi has to be given a clean chit because he is a threat to Modi. He cannot be killed because he is now known. Modi in a dilemma. Karoon kya aas niras bhayee

  2. one is speaking from US federal court, talking directly to indian courts via live video conferencing and other is talking to some #presstitutes choreographed by some other #presstitutes. !

    • One is a caged parrot and DEA double agent. The other is a free man expressing his genuine admiration for his commander (while being secretly recorded)

  3. Let it be even these are true, but 55 hindu lives burned by Muslim goons, so these guys targeted those Musilm goons, in that defentely innocent Muslims might have killed, but they totally derooted those are reasons for the Godhra!! This is mahabharat war between Hindu pandhvas and Musilm devil kauravs, devils should go away from this world ! Any human being should not short lived in the name religion and musilm history and present day attitude creates fear among other religion!

  4. Can Janta Ka Reporter also talk about Owaisi infusing Muslims during a public address, that he and muslims in India will kill all Hindus if the police were kept aside for a short while ?

  5. Why isn’t the Modi Government not ordering a probe into the Godhra incident since other probes have been inconsistent with the results.This is the best opportunity for Modi as the PM of this country to constitute a new judicial team to clear the truth behind Godhra once and for all.The BJP should be ready to present the facts and also face the ugly truth.So far the investigative journalists at Tehelka have done an excellent job at finding the truth behind Godhra. If BJP plays fair,it could have taken the newspaper to court but they hounded the editor instead.

  6. The above doesn’t mean Ishrat Jahan was innocent. The then IB chief Asif Ibrahim had pointed that CBI is witch hunting them even when they have enough evidence to prove she was terrorist.
    PS: Asif Ibrahim is a Muslim and was appointed by Congress.

    • You have read it wrong. The title is
      “Trust Headley on Ishrat Jahan but why not Bajrangi on Narendra Modi?”
      it is not about ishrat, it is about Babu Bajrangi about N. Modi.
      have you got it ? need more explanation ?


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