Trump and Modi: Divided by distance, united in error of science and politics


Since Donald Trump burst onto international arena as a politician aspiring to become the US President, his utterly xenophobic and racist comments and carefully crafted media campaign have prompted many political pundits to draw an obvious parallel with the meteoric rise to the power of India’s Narendra Modi.

Trump and Modi

Analysts felt that Modi’s ascendancy from a chief minister to India’s prime minister had similar attributes now being brazenly displayed by Republican Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

Writing for Caravan daily, Aijaz Zaka Syed felt that although Trump didn’t yet have a pogrom to add to his CV, there were plenty other uncanny resemblance between the two leaders.

Syed, wrote, “What I find most fascinating about the candidate is predictable and tested script of his campaign and the uncanny, unmistakable parallels with Prime Minister Modi’s breathtaking leap from Gujarat to Delhi.  I don’t know if the Republican frontrunner has met the Indian leader but apparently there exists much mutual admiration.

“Trump may not have a successful pogrom on his resume but he makes up for it with his toxic, xenophobic rants and his ambitions to drive out all Muslims. Like our hero who carefully cultivated his larger-than-life image and a cult following as a strong leader who knows how to deal with the pesky Pakistan and endlessly multiplying ranks of Muslims and ‘Bangladeshi infiltrators’, Trump has burnished his credentials as a tough-talking, no-nonsense strongman who could make America great again, whatever that means!”

As it emerged the similarities between Trump and Modi, highlighted by the Caravan writer weren’t just confined to the alleged politics of hate and media manipulation.

The two leaders also share similar views on matters related to science.

Trump is known for making allegedly bizarre comments, at times defying common sense.

But his recent comments dismissing climate change as a hoax invented by China has caused considerable backlash for him on social media.

Bernie Sanders, who recently bowed out of the race to get the nomination for Demoratic Presidential candidate, has slammed Trump saying that rejecting science was a hallmark of the Republicans.

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday tweeted Sanders’ comment, “Donald Trump? Well, like most Republicans, he chooses to reject science. He believes that climate change is a ‘hoax.’”

Britain’s Guardian newspaper felt that the American billionaire businessman would be the only national leader in the world to dismiss the science of climate change should he become president, ‘putting him out of step even with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea.’

What Guardian didn’t mention was that Modi too has rejected the phenomenon of climate change in the past.

As expected, closer home, social media users have been finding a unique similarity of what Trump said with that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments on climate change.

While answering a question to a student on Teachers’ Day, Modi too had denied the existence of global warming.

He had said, “The reality is that in our family, some people are old. They say, This time the weather is colder. And people’s ability to bear cold becomes less. We should also ask ourself, Is this climate change or have we ? We have battled against nature. We should love nature instead of fighting it. Climate has not changed. We have changed. Our tolerance and habits have changed. If we change, then God has built the system in such a way that it can balance on its own.”

The social media users can’t have enough of this unique similarity.

Ankur Boehar: Tolerance of thermometer has changed too? Oh Wait! What’s a thermometer? Funny names these western educated fools give to their useless toys!

Shadab Sayeed : No wonder … Both so called intelligent person have same brain frequency.

Sophia Hussain : Yes and all the melting ice caps are hallucinations brought on by listening to your parents too much.

Mohammad Ali : Why worry about Global warming… just spill Shudh Patanjali Gowmutra around your homes once in the morning and evening, this will make the atmosphere -10 degrees… Babaji has solution for everything…


  1. So why don’t one of the jkr reporter or editor run for Indian pm post or rather try to become US president. With the commutative intelligence it wouldn’t be problem at all:-)


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