Trinamool Congress goes for jugular after BJP’s Bengal chief accused of insulting Durga ahead of assembly polls, #BJPInsultsMaaDurga trends


In a huge setback to the BJP ahead of the assembly polls in West Bengal, the saffron party is facing considerable heat after its state chief Dilip Ghosh was caught on camera ‘insulting’ Goddess Durga during an event organised by a TV channel.
Insulting Durga

In a viral video, BJP’s Bengal chief was seen saying, “Bhagwan Ram was a king. Some believe he was an incarnation. And you will get to know his 14 ancestors. Will you get the same for Durga?”

Ghosh did not stop here as he continued, “Gandhiji envisaged Ram Rajya. Durga pata nahi kahan se aa jaate hain. (Don’t know from where Durga comes into the picture).”

The ruling Trinamool Congress wasted no time in going for the jugular accusing the BJP of insulting Durga. TMC leader Madan Mitra, also a former cabinet colleague of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, tweeted, “Dilip Ghosh must be reminded his Ramayana. Lord Ram worshipped Ma Durga before the final battle. The very same Ma Durga who was disrespected by Dilip Ghosh while trying to prove the superiority of Lord Ram. .”

Sharing the video clip of Ghosh’s controversial statement on Durga, the ruling TMC tweeted, “Unimaginable! Sitting on the sacred soil of Bengal @DilipGhoshBJP Babu has insulted our goddess Durga! Goddess Durga is our mother, our strength, our inspiration! Those who claim to be the protectors and supporters of Hinduism are now insulting Goddess Durga.”

On Twitter, angry Bengalis trended hashtag #BJPInsultsMaaDurga as they slammed the BJP for Ghosh’s disparaging remarks for Durga.

Bengal goes to assembly polls in April-May this year with the BJP making desperate attempts to wrest power from the TMC. With Ghosh being accused of insulting Durga, the Hindutva party may have to pay a heavy price for hurting the sentiments of Bengalis.


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