Touche! Indian’s shoot-to-clean unit to trash toilet roll


A mini bidet-like device created by Indian-origin entrepreneur Miki Agrawal seeks to change the bathroom needs by doing away with “barbaric” toilet roll forever, a media report said.

The product, called a ‘Tushy’, is designed to shoot a stream of water to keep people’s private parts clean after having used the toilet, the Sun reported, citing Forbes magazine.

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“All over the world — in Europe, Asia, the Middle East — people use bidets. Using toilet paper to clean your butt is barbaric,” Agrawal was quoted as saying.

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The main body of the device has control functions and hooks on to the side of the toilet, while a pipe at the back of the product is designed to connect to a water supply.

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According to Agrawal, the device can be installed simply in 10 minutes and without the use of a plumber or electricity.

“It shoots a precise spray of water exactly where you need it, and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed,” she said.

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She said that 37 gallons of water are used to make one toilet roll but a Tushy uses just one pint of water per use.

The Indian-origin entrepreneur will give away a portion of the profits to organisations supporting sanitation in the developing world.


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