‘Tortured’ by wife, man writes to PM wishing to die


A man living in India’s Uttar Pradesh has appealed to the authorities to allow him to die as he has no desire to live after being repeatedly ‘tortured’ by his wife.

Gulshan Garg ( pictured above) has written to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP’s chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav, to let allow him to kill himself.

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In his letter, he said he had been left no no money and no house after being ‘continuously tortured by his wife.’

According to a report published in local media, Gulshan got married to Shalu in 2012, but soon after their wedding, his wife began to make his ‘life a hell’ and even got him arrested for allegedly asking for dowry.

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Gulshan says it was a trumped up charge as he refused to given in to unreasonable demands of his wife and her family.

Ever since his release from the jail, he says that his relatives too have ‘disowned’ him and are reluctant to keep any relations with him.

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