Toppling elected govts by indulging in horse trading is new BJP Model: Rahul Gandhi


The Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday launched one of his sharpest attack against the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi yet by saying the political crisis of Uttarakhand had exposed the “true face of Modiji’s BJP” adding that the Congress would fight this “demagoguery with democracy.”

In his series of tweets Rahul said, “Toppling elected Govts by indulging in horse trading & blatant misuse of money & muscle, seems to be BJP’s new model, after failure in Bihar. Congress Party will fight demagoguery with democracy.

This attack on our democracy & Constitution, first in Arunachal & now Uttarakhand, is the true face of Modiji’s BJP.”

Congress government in Uttarkhand led by Harish Rawat is facing an existential crisis after several of its legislators rebelled and sided with the saffron party before approaching the Governor to stake claim to form the government.

Governor Krishna Kant Paul has asked Rawat to prove his majority by 28 March.

The Governor’s directive to Rawat came even as BJP, claiming majority with support of nine rebel Congress MLAs in the 70-member Assembly, stepped up efforts to form its government, contending that the Rawat ministry has been reduced to a minority.

While BJP claimed the support of 35 MLAs including the rebel Congress legislators, PTI quoted Rawat as saying that he still enjoyed a majority in the Assembly as none of the rebel MLAs have quit the party or the CLP. He also said that five of the rebels were in touch with him.

Meanwhile, assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal said that the “anti-defection law is in place and whoever is found guilty of violating it will have to be acted against”.

“All Congress MLAs voted with the government when the previous bill was passed in the Assembly and nobody had challenged the bill. Even the BJP accepts the voice vote,” he said.

Congress had yesterday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah of seeking to destabilise non-BJP governments through lure of money and political power.

“The duo of Modi and Shah are infamous for forcible eviction of elected governments in this country. Elected government are being destabilised by a sinister conspiracy.

After Arunachal Pradesh, it is Uttarakhand,” Congress chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala Surjewala had said.


  1. What do you say sir your congress is having a history of merging ChennaReddy and its party in congress in the peak period of peoples rebelling against congress for separate state of Telengana


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