Top Indian medical faculty sacked by Saudi University for Islamophobic social media posts


A Saudi Arabia university has sacked one of its top medical faculties of Indian origin for his Islamophobic social media posts. The man from India has become the newest addition to the list of those Indians, who’ve had to face serious consequences for their bigotry in different parts of the world including the Gulf region, Canada and New Zealand.

Saudi Arabia university

The tweet by Jazan University in Arabic read, “On the basis of what was reported by the university authorities about the publication of offensive posts & tweets by a contracted faculty member, his registration/affiliation is cancelled. Jazan university affirms that it will firmly deal with any extremist /extreme ideology that affects the basic rules or deflect the direction of noble leadership.”

The man in question is believed to be one Dr. Neeraj Bedi, whose profile says that he’s a ‘highly experienced medical professional having 26 years of teaching, training, research and administrative experience in the field of Public Health/Community Medicine.’

In his series of social media posts, Bedi had insulted Islam and Muslims and blamed them for the spread of coronavirus. He deleted his Twitter account as soon as his bigotry was reported to the Jazan University authorities.

Not too long ago, an Indian of Gujarati origin, Kantilal Bhagabhai Patel, was thrown out of a prominent judicial body in New Zealand for his Islamophobic social media posts.

Several Indians working in the Gulf region were also found to be mocking Islam. Many of them had to lose their jobs before being sent back to India.

The news of tough action being taken against a bigot in New Zealand comes after a person of Indian origin was punished in Canada. One Ravi Hooda was thrown out of a school body and his contract with one of the leading real estate companies in the North American country was also terminated.



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