Today’s Chanakya’s excuse of getting Bihar predictions wrong will blow your mind away


When Today’s Chanakya correctly predicted Lok Sabha elections accurately last year it earned plenty of plaudits from public who had got increasingly disenchanted with the ‘frauds’ committed by pollsters in the name of poll surveys and exit polls.

However, it seems Today’s Chanakya has been a one election wonder since then with the agency miserably failing to predict other subsequent elections with similar perfection.

For Bihar, it gave the BJP-led alliance close to 160 seats. The alliance got less than 60 seats in the end. So, how did they get their  predictions so wrong?

Well, their justification will blow your mind away.

An email sent out by the pollster blamed computer glitches for its horror.

It said, “A simple computer template coding marking the alliances got interchanged at our end. Due to this our seat numbers remained the same but respective alliances got interchanged.”

Today’s Chanakya remebered this error only after the results were announced 48 hours aftet they made their predictions.

They have their answer ready. That’s because the senior was on leave and the assistant who prepared the template simply placed the wrong tally against opposite alliance.

“The day this template was made, my senior person was on leave, his assistant did the job. When the senior person came back, he forgot to check the linking to the alliance.”

“Any political research survey company works with political and media organisations, as also with the business community. This is valid for each and every polling company in India,” said its spokesperson. He wouldn’t reveal the names of his clients because of a confidentiality clause. “Forget this election, in the past 15 to 18 years, we have given correct projections. If my template was fine, the seat numbers will remain the same,” Today’s Chanakya spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Its twitter handle claims to have predicted the last two Lok Sabha elections ‘on dot.’ Well, it appears that they now have a mountain to climb in restoring its tarnished reputation.


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