Women from militant Hindutva group enter Taj Mahal, perform puja in mosque


A group of women belonging to a militant Hindutva group on Saturday entered Taj Mahal and performed puja to prove their claim that the historical monument was a Shiva temple.

Taj Mahal

The visuals of Bajrang Dal women performing puja inside the mosque, situated adjacent to Taj Mahal, have gone viral on social media platforms. The women were unapologetic after performing puja inside the mosque. One woman said, “Muslims perform namaaz here every day. Then we can also have our own puja at Tejo Mahalaya.” Hindutva outfits have been making astonishing claims that Taj Mahal, a symbol of love, was in fact a Shiva temple, known as Tejo Mahalaya, which according to them was converted into a monument of love by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan.

CISF Commandant Brajj Bhushan told Times of India that he had no knowledge about the puja being performed by the members of a Hindutva outfit since the security personnel are not allowed to enter the mosque. He said that ASI officials would be able to explain in more details.

ASI Superintending Archaeologist (Agra circle) Vasant Swaran said that he had his officials imemdiately after being informed about the incident but they found no trace of puja being performed. He said that action will be taken against the members of the Hindutva outfit if CCTV footage confirmed that they had desecrated the mosque.

Syed Ibrahim Hussain Zaidi, the president of Taj Mahal Intezamia Committe, said that the women could perform puja inside the mosque only because of the callousness of the CISF and ASI officials. He expressed his surprise over these women being allowed to carry matchbox, an inflammable substance, and other materials related to puja.



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