VIDEO- Stopped from entering ladies' toilet, former BSP MP's son Ashish Pandey brandishes pistol at couple outside Delhi 5-star hotel


In a shocking development, a video of a former BSP MP’s son brandishing pistol at a couple ouside Delhi’s Hyatt hotel has gone viral. In the video, Ashish Pandey, a resident of Lucknow, is seen threatening a couple by brandishing his pistol while hurling abuses at them.
Ashish Pandey is the son of former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey. His brother is also a BSP MLA in Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place on the intervening night of 13 and 14 October.
In the video, Ashish Pandey is accompanied by several women and can be seen warning the couple of dire consequences since he belonged to Lucknow. He is stopped by his friends, who manage to get him back in the car. However, Pandey is then informed by his woman friend, speaking in heavily accented English, that the other couple had pointed a middle finger at them in an obscene gesture.
This prompts him to leave the car again in a fit of rage. He’s then heard warning them of dire consequences as he hailed from Lucknow. The Delhi Police have reportedly left for Pandey’s house to arrest him. The cops have booked him under the Arms Act.
Some users on social media felt that the man, intoxicated by his father’s wealth and power, was simply trying to impress his female friends. Other reports said that he was incensed over not being allowed to enter the ladies’ toilet at the hotel. Pandey runs a real estate business is known to frequently visit Delhi with his friends.
Meanwhile, the video has gone viral on social media. Journalist Shiv Aroor wrote, “Unsurprisingly, gun-wielding guy in this video is reported to be Ashish Pandey, son of @BSP4Bharat leader Rakesh Pandey. Liquor trade millionaire. Police on way to arrest him, say reports.”
Journalist Aman Sharma wrote, “Pink-Pants man Ashish Pandey — his brother Ritesh Pandey is a sitting BSP MLA from Jalalpur in Uttar Pradesh. His father Rakesh Pandey a former BSP MP from Ambedkarnagar. BJP Govt in UP has an issue to slam Mayawati.”


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