TMC, CPM workers clash during Trade Union protest


Ruling Trinamool Congress and CPI(M) workers clashed with each other in Murshidabad in Bengal during Trade Unions’ nationwide strike.

Police has resorted to lathi charge to bring peace among the clashing groups. Workers belonging to both TMC and CPI(M) are pelting stones at each other and also attacking by sticks.


Elsewhere, there are reports of AIDWA and DYFI protesters blocking the railway tracks in Chennai.


10 central trade unions across India have called for 24-hour strike over the proposed changes in labour laws by centre’s NDA government.

Business, branking, transport services, supply of power, gas and oil are likely to be affected the most following Wednesday’s strike. The BJP-backed BMS has countered that saying power, oil and gas supply will not be hit as a large number of public sector workers in these areas are not participating in the strike.

The unions called for this strike after their talks with the government failed.

Early reports suggest that the strike is already showing considerable impact in Kolkata in West Bengal. Private buses, autos and taxis are reported to be off the road. On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee issued a circular directing all government employees to be present today. It was revised later and all employees are said to lose a day’s pay if they go on leave.


  1. …and the government is saying the ‘veterans’ protesting peacefully are ‘blackmailing’ and ‘being unreasonable’ even while the Indian Armed Forces ( many sons and daughters of veterans at Jantar Mantar) continue to guard the borders. For all those who have fallen prey to government misinformation propaganda on OROP and have started calling veterans greedy, akin to trade unions and what not – see for yourself. The Indian Army has never ever raised it voice. It has fought the most difficult battles with most poor weapons and equipment yet does its job in the most professional manner. While their parents, grand parents protest for their rightful dues, still they are continuing to stand with steely resolve between India and its enemies from the jungles of North East to the Icy heights of Siachin to the boiling Deserts of Rajasthan. For all such people and for the FM I have only one statement to say – look in the mirror, meet your own eyes and think for those who work selflessly for the safety and security of the nation. Jai Hind.


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