Times Now attempts to discredit ‘Not In My Name’ movement, gets ridiculed


Times Now, which has lately dropped its facade on being a news channel for the desperate want of TRPs, on Wednesday once again made another bid to gain cheap publicity at the cost of a genuine citizen movement against public lynchings of innocent Indians.
राहुल शिवशंकर

Amidst thousands of Indians staging impromptu protests against the gruesome murder of a 16-year-old boy from Haryana, Times Now sensationally claimed that it had found a Pakistani link here.

Its tweet said, “TIMES NOW learns organisers have contacted activists in Pak to hold a protest highlighting rights abuses in India in Karachi.”

Staying true to its past habits, the channel also launched a Twitter hashtag #NotOnPakSoil. The tweet also had a graphic attached, that implied that the channel had indeed stumbled upon an another Super Exclusive. Although, this appeared more reminiscent of its another ‘Super Exclusive’ story that it had built based on a 7-year-old WhatsApp forward last week.

The channel’s newly appointed ‘editor-in-chief’ even invited its usual suspect guests including the Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy and former army colonel RSN Singh.

But, the channel’s attempt to discredit a movement that effectively held the Centre’s BJP government to account on the rampant lynchings of the innocent Indians evoked angry reactions from journalists.

Social media users too reacted angrily and berated the channel for its attempts to discredit a genuine people’s movement in favour of humanity.

Last week Janta Ka Reporter had exposed Shivshankar’s ignorance when he termed the Palestinians’ struggle in Gaza against the Israeli occupation to a symbol of Islamist resistance.

Shivshankar had alleged that the IS had set up a camp in Kerala and how? By naming a village in Kerala, Gaza Street.

You can read the full blog of Rifat Jawaid exposing Shivshankar’s lies on alleged conversion prices in Kerala here


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