Time for Delhi’s own referendum, announces Kejriwal


Britain’s exit from the EU has profoundly impacted the politics of Europe for foreseeable future.

the victory by ‘Leave’ camp has now given hopes to far right and anti-immigrant parties across Europe to hold similar referendum in their respective countries.

Drawing inspiration from the historic development in UK was the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who said it was time for Delhi to hold its own referendum.

He tweeted, “After UK referendum, Delhi will soon have a referendum on full statehood.”

His colleague Ashish Khetan tweeted, “After the UK referendum on EU exit, it’s time to have a referendum on full statehood of Delhi. In a democracy the will of the ppl is supreme.”

The AAP government wants a referendum on the issue of statehood for Delhi. Kejriwal had sent a note to various departments of his government last year asking them to “draft a law and create machinery for” such a practice.

Kejriwal had also discussed the referendum plan with his cabinet colleagues. The note from the Chief Minister said “Do a referendum in Delhi. Draft a law and create machinery for referendum.”

Delhi has a unique status in the Indian union. It is a union territory with a legislative assembly that limits the power of the Delhi government.

Demand of statehood for Delhi was part of the Aam Aadmi Party’s manifesto and even other political parties like BJP had raised the issue in the past.



  1. Let there be no miscalculation – Gutter politics of India and politicians of gutter are here to access public property and public fund to enrich self and their family. All talks of development, democracy, freedom, human rights etc. are pure lip service to grab vote once in five years. Main stream media, judiciary, and executive are in place to protect the interest of these gutter elements. If statehood of Delhi facilitates amassing fortune for these gutter elements it will go through else not. The good news is- at least there is a party -AAP – who is showing the courage and vision to put up a challenge to these gutter elements. Unlike the left who chickened out and joined the gutter. Support of up is in the 95% non-Anglophonic marginalized Indians. Situation is not very different from 99% movement in USA. Let AAP come up victorious in this struggle. Else the future of India looks really pitch dark.

    not to improve the conditions of the masses but to

  2. I really appreciate your thinking. Really our country is going to be a gutter by these conventional politicians. The only hope could be AAP who can do struggle in this country to bring it out from that gutter. As responsible persons of this country, we all should support AAP for this challenge.

    Jai Hind.


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