This Malayalam director wants to ‘spit’ on PV Sindhu’s glory, gets social media roasting


Badminton sensation PV Sindhu may have created history by winning a silver medal at Rio Olympics, but her success hasn’t gone down with one Indian. This Indian is a famous Malayalam director from Kerala and his name is Sanal Kumar Sasidharan.

In an astonishing Facebook post in Malayalam, Sasidharan said that he wanted to spit on the Olympic medallist’s achievements.

Malayalam director

His Facebook post fread, “Everyone is celebrating Sindhu’s achievement now. What if I spit on this? What is there to celebrate much about it?”

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As expected, Sasidharan’s shocking comments have not gone well with social media users, who slammed him for his criticism for Sindhu’s Olympics glory.

Here are some of the reactions.

Adarsh Gupta: Are you the sick and perverted attention seeking bastard ass who wanted to spit on an olympic silver medalist? Did you think that was easy like eating beef or hating India? Should have tried doing it for people would not spit but pee on your face!!

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Ashok Nair: People those who don’t know who the father is will spit words like this. Shame to know that I belongs to the same place of yours. No way you people’s will improve and praise those who perform.

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Jijesh Raj: Feels like nothing is working out in his life. Trying to find the easiest way to get famous.

Suresh Sharma: An eccentric person, crazy filmmaker with very little knowledge of sports and the world. Grow up man and get some courage to come out of your small world and see the vast world. You little creature, what if she slaps you


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