“This is one fight we definitely don’t need to participate in”: Varun Gandhi , Shashi Tharoor in Twitter spat over presence of Indian national flag during Capitol Hill siege


BJP MP Varun Gandhi has reacted strongly to the video showing an Indian national flag during Wednesday’s siege of the Capitol building in Washington DC. Gandhi took to Twitter to express his disapproval as he wrote, “Why is there an Indian flag there??? This is one fight we definitely don’t need to participate in.”

The presence of the Indian flag in what’s widely being described as an act of domestic terrorism had evoked outrage from Indians. Reacting to Gandhi’s tweet, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor wrote, “Unfortunately, @varungandhi80, there are some Indians with the same mentality as that Trumpist mob, who enjoy using the flag as a weapon rather than a badge of pride, & denounce all who disagree with them as anti-nationals & traitors. That flag there is a warning to all of us.”

In response, the BJP MP said that it had become ‘too easy to deride Indians for using our flag to showcase our pride in our country.’ He wrote, “These days, it’s become too easy to deride Indians for using our flag to showcase our pride in our country. At the same time, it’s also too easy to use the flag for nefarious purposes.”

His subsequent tweet read, “Unfortunately, most liberals have flagrantly ignored warnings of its misuse in anti-national protests (e.g. in JNU) in India as well. It is a symbol of pride for us, and we venerate it without due regard to any “mentality”.”

Hours later, the BJP MP shared a photo of the man, who had joined the mob to attack the Capitol Building, with Shashi Tharoor. He wrote, “Dear @ShashiTharoor, now that we know that this lunatic was such a dear friend of yours, one can only hope that you and your colleagues were not the silent hand behind this mayhem.”

Tharoor replied, “Disapproved of it totally. Do you consider yourself responsible for the misguided actions of every well-wisher? I denounce any attempt to bring my country’s beloved flag into a shameful American mob.”

Thousands of Trump supporters, now being referred to as terrorists by the US media, had sensationally stormed the Capitol Building when lawmakers were debating over the process to ratify Joe Biden’s election as the next US President. Four people are believed to have died after being injured in the terrorist attack.


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