Channel 4’s documentary The Jihadis Next Door, when British Muslim radicals giggled watching IS execution videos


Britain’s Channel 4 on Tuesday night aired one-hour long documentary titled The Jihadis Next Door, which entailed tracking the journey of a British Hindu who converted to Islam before becoming a dreaded IS militant.

Abu Rumaysah, formerly Siddhartha Dhar, is believed to be the masked man in the new video, released a couple of weeks ago by the IS, showing the murder of five men accused by Isis of spying for the UK.

Soon after the video of these executions emerged, the Jamie Roberts, who made this documentary, received a text from Mohammad Shamsuddin (another radical shot in the documentary), which had a link to the video. His text message read, “You may know the voice.”

Roberts told The Independent newspaper, “The voice instantly gave me chills. He has lost weight and it may not be him, but I felt like I recognised his voice.”

In the video, Abu Rumaysah is heard warning the British PM David Cameron, ” How strange it is that a leader of a small island threatens us with a handful of planes. One would have thought, you would have learnt the lesson of your pathetic master in Washington. In fact David you are more of an imbecile. On an imbecile can dare to wage a war against a land where the law of Allah reigns supreme. ”

Abu Rumaysah, who once earned his livelihood by selling bouncy castles for children fled the UK to join Isis in 2014.

The extraordinary footage of him and his several other associates was shot by the film-maker Roberts for the Channel 4 documentary broadcast at 9 pm GMT on Tuesday night here in UK.

The documentary starts with Rumaysah showing the film-maker his garage where he has stored radical materials to preach hatred.

Pointing to a black flag, he says, ” It’s a bit of a mess but I’ll show you. These are the black flags of Islam. This one’s actually the flag of the Islamic State, so one day when the sharia comes, you will see this black flag everywhere. This black flag will soon fly over Downing Street.”

The film-maker spent nearly two years filming a group of Muslim extremists in several parts of London.

Rumaysah left Britain with his wife and four children the day after being released on bail, travelling to Paris and then Syria.

Months later he sent his photos with one of them being with his young child holding a pistol.

His associates look at the photo with awe adding that they were ‘envious’ of Rumaysah because he had the ‘pleasure’ of being in a country where ‘law of Allah’ ruled supreme.

At one point the film-maker also shows the ‘Jihadi Muslims’ video of the IS executions to gauge their reactions. While eating their meal, they can’t hide their joy with their reactions being of giggles and laughter.

London’so Metropolitan Police had requested Channel 4 for a pre-viewing of the documentary but the channel refused to oblige the cops.

Mohammed Shamsuddin and Abu Haleema, two radical Muslims in the video have been known to the police.

You can watch the full documentary here


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