Prove to the world what happened: CPI on surgical strikes


Communist Party of India has argued in favour of the Centre providing “proof” of the surgical strikes to counter Pakistan’s effort to create an “impression” internationally that there was no such military action.

CPI General Secretary S Sudhakar Reddy said Indian people never doubted the Army action. “First of all, why should our people doubt? Our people naturally believe it,” he said.

Pakistan created an impression internationally that there was no surgical strike. “Internationally, they (Pakistan) are creating confusion. We don’t doubt (the surgical strike) but we have to prove to the world what exactly happened”, Reddy told PTI.

“When they (military) attacked (surgical strikes) Pakistan, when news came, they (BJP) wanted to give credit to (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi. When this is questioned (asked to provide ‘proof’), they are saying Army is insulted. So, the man who has to take the credit should also take the responsibility,” he said.

“When asked to prove (surgical strikes), they (BJP) are questioning the patriotism of people who are questioning it,” Reddy said.

“Irresponsible talk of BJP leadership escalates problems…Now, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry in BJP thinks he is the Prime Minister of the country, and he will say: ‘we will show this and teach them (Pakistan) a lesson and all sorts of things’,” Reddy said.

“Generally, negative statements even by small fries will get bigger publicity in Pakistan. So, that will create more problems,” he said.

“There are some people who say there was no attack. There must have been attacks, but the way BJP leaders are reacting so violently, it’s creating doubts in the minds of many people,” Reddy said.

India and Pakistan should now certainly try to de- escalate tension but there cannot be talks immediately, he said.

“We cannot permanently go on quarrelling. As neighbours, we should live permanently. But from the Pakistani side, unfortunately civilian government has no control over military and that is one part,” Reddy said.

“This tension should get reduced, and after tensions are reduced, we can naturally try (for talks). First of all, we should see to it that terrorists don’t cross the border.

There, we should take all measures,” the CPI leader said.

He also expressed the view that distinction should be made between non-state actors like terrorists, Army and the government and people of Pakistan.

“For the people there should be a feeling that we are honestly trying for peace, then some times, people will also say there should be peace,” Reddy added.


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