“Tea-seller is out to sell India now”: Armed forces veteran slam Indian government on Farm Laws


India’s armed forces veterans have slammed the central government for ignoring the plight of farmers by passing the three controversial laws on agriculture. Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, a retired Indian army soldier from Haryana said accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah of working to help their corporate friends.

Farm Laws

One armed forces veteran said, “They win elections by rigging the EVMs and then pass laws to help their businessman friends. A tea-seller is now out to sell India.”

Another soldier at the Ghazipur border said that the government’s functioning was reminiscent of how the British ruled India by curbing protests with the help of violence. He said that farmers had stockpiled ration for six months, adding that there was no question of ending the protest until the government withdrew the controversial laws.

Farmers have been camping at the Delhi-Haryana border to protest against the farm laws passed by the government.


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