Revelation on #TarunBharatScam leaves BJP red-faced


BJP has now found itself embroiled in its own National Herald controversy after reports emerged that the saffron party had transferred party funds to a ‘for profit’ company, Shree Multimedia Vision Ltd (SMVL), which ran a newspaper, Mumbai Tarun Bharat.

A report by Economic Times on Thursday said that some prominent BJP leaders were either directors or stakeholders in the company.

According to the report, the current Maharashtra education minister, Vinod Tawde, after becoming minister, appointed the newspaper’s editor, Dilip Karambelkar, who’s also director of the company, as head of a state education body.

And if that was not enough, some other SMVL directors, current and past, also were found to have close associations with the BJP as donors and as those who fought elections under the party ticket.

This revelation prompted the opposition to mount attack on social media with twitter users even trending hashtag #TarunBharatScam.

The social media users have been mocking the BJP for its hypocrisy as the party recently dragged the Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi and the VP, Rahul Gandhi to court making similar allegations.

Here is what the social media users, particularly Congress supporters, have been saying on this subject;



  1. Bhai Tum Janta ke Reporter nahin ho Congress chor party ke Reporter ho…congress chor party hai yeh pure Bharat ko an pata hai…lekin agar sahee mein ye scam hai then file an FIR and let’s prove it…trend karne se kuch na hoga…

  2. When Congress comes back to power, it can investigate this scam.
    Until then, like Swamy did, Pappu and Sonia can file an independent case in court.
    All the best.


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