Targeting innocent students will be costly to Modi govt, warns Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has warned the Narendra Modi government that targeting ‘innocent students’ of JNU will prove to be very costly to his government.

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He said, “No one supports anti-national forces. But targetting innocent students using that as an excuse will prove v costly to Modi govt.”

Kejriwal’s comments hours after the country’s top intellectuals compared the police action on the JNU campus with that of the Emergency era.

The police on Friday had arrested the leader of the student union in JNU on sedition charges. Kanhaiya Kumar rubbished the charges levelled against him adding that ‘This is false, I did not raise any slogan. They don’t have any evidence.’

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  1. Yeh right, kejriwal gets to decide who is innocent and who has kala dhan! We shld get rid of Supreme Court as it cleared Modi and have it replaced by our Bharat Ratna Kejriwal!


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