Did Tarek Fatah just accuse PM Modi and Rajnath Singh of lying for votes?


Pakistan-born Tarek Fatah, has landed himself in a fresh controversy after he appeared to question Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s integrity by accusing him of ‘lying’ for votes.

In an interview to ETV Urdu, he was reminded that contrary to his allegations, both Modi and his home minister, Rajnath Singh had denied that Indian Muslims were sympathetic to the dreaded terrorist group ISIS.

Tarek Fatah

To which, the controversial social media celebrity thundered, “If they (Modi and Rajnath Singh) said something wrong, why should I lie?…I am telling you. Everybody needs votes.”

Modi government has in the past rejected the assertion that Indian Muslims were joining the ISIS.

In April this year, one of Modi’s ministers, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, had said, “India is a land of peace and prosperity and there is no place here for those who support terrorism. Patriotism is filled in every Muslim in this country. Be it videos or threats, it’s not going to make much of difference.”

Singh too had made similar statement, “There is no threat from ISIS. Along with the alertness of the security, the Muslims of the country are also against the ISIS. In India, the Muslim community won’t allow them to do so.”

Fatah, who now lives in self-imposed exile in Canada, has lately gained immensely popularity among the proponents of right-wing Hindutva ideology.

His hateful and racist rants targetting Indian Muslims and Islam have made him a darling of the Indian media, particularly TV channels, which too has been accused of surrendering to the Hindutva forces in post May 2014 India for their survival.

This despite several videos of Fatah abusing India going viral on social media platforms in the past. His detractors have always accused Fatah of deliberately making hateful speeches against Indian Muslims primarily to appease the central government, which in turn is expected to grant him an Indian citizenship.

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  1. Well done “Janta Ka Reporter” for exposing ISI agent we don’t need this kind of cowards(Tareq Fatah) in our country.Who is visiting india for ISI hidden propaganda to destabilizing India by dividing our country in the name of religion.


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