Tarek Fatah once again posts ‘lies,’ Javed Akhtar says ‘language is not your field. Forget it “


Pakistani social media celebrity, known for his Islamophobic rants, was in news on Monday after a group of people objected to his presence in a literary festival in Urdu.

Faced with growing discontent, Fatah had little option but to leave the venue of Jash-e-Rekhta.

tarek fatah javed akhtar
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On Tuesday, the Hindutva poster boy, took to Twitter to express his disgust for the Urdu language saying that it had long been used as a ‘communal tool of Islamists who amputated India, did genocide in Bangladesh.”

This prompted the renowned poet Javed Akhtar to respond to him with facts.

Akhtar wrote, “Jinnah didn’t know Urdu . He knew only Gujrati n English Will it carry any sense if you blame these languages for the partition? (sic)”

An incorrigible Fatah continued with his allegations sans evidence.

He wrote, “Janab, Jinnah was a paid lawyer of UP, Bihar, Bengal & Hyderabadi Ashrafi elites. Every slogan for Partition was in Urdu.”

A user on Twitter then asked Fatah if he could post some Urdu quotes that were used by pro-partition groups in 1947.

He wrote, “Dear @TarekFatah can u pl recall some quotes frm history which were pro partition in Urdu for edu purpose for Shri @Javedakhtarjadu (sic)”


To which, Fatah replied, “Here’s one: ‘Butt ke rahey ga Hindustan, Bunn ke rahey ga Pakistan'”

It was at this junction when Akhtar reminded Fatah, also perceived by many as a Pakistani agent, that language was not his strength.

He wrote, “which one word in this slogan is urdu and not Hindi ? . Tariq saheb , language is not your field . Forget it.”

Fatah, also suspected to be a Pakistani spy by many, has been hugely popular among the supporters of the Hindutva brigade in India because of his continuous attack of Islam and Indian Muslims. He’s been making frequent appearances on several channels, known for their allegiance to the Centre’s BJP government and Hindutva ideology.

His habit of calling anyone in disagreement with his hypocrisy had prompted students of Punjab university to beat him up in December last year. On that occasion, Fatah had called a Sikh student ‘Khalistani’ and referred to a Muslim student from Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘terrorist.’

He was invited there to deliver a TedX talk on Balochistan, when the fracas took place.

Gagandeep Singh Dhillon, a PhD scholar in geography, was quoted by Indian Express, “I was sitting at the physics canteen when Tarek came and began an informal interaction with students. We were discussing yesterday’s Nagrota terror attack. When he was talking to us, the department librarian came. When the students rose to show respect, Tarek told them, ‘Indians need to stop giving such treatment to their seniors’.”

Not so long ago, he had hurled abuses on Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid after he asked him uncomfortable questions on ABP News.

Few months later, two videos had gone viral showing Fatah wish for India’s dissolution. In another video he was heard saying, ‘India can go to hell.’

Many suspect that Fatah is acting at the behest of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, to gain access to the Indian government, currently led by the BJP. The Madhya Pradesh ATS had recently busted a racket of Pakistani spies, which included a key functionary of the BJP’s IT Cell.


  1. What a shameful bundle of lies purported by Rifat Jawed! Janta ka reporter is run by Sharia Bolsheviks who apart from being Hinduphobic covertly support the Tukde-Tukde gang…


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