HC voices displeasure over filmmakers ‘corrupting’ young minds


The Madras High Court has expressed displeasure over filmmakers “corrupting the minds of the youth” by using vulgar words in songs and by projecting more violence in films, instead of inculcating moral values.

The court expressed its unhappiness while granting bail to Prabhu Kumar, who was arrested under POCSO Act and remanded in judicial custody on June 24, for singing a film song on seeing a 16-year-old girl who was accompanied by her mother.

Granting him bail yesterday, Justice S Vaidyanathan directed him to execute a bond for Rs 10,000 with two sureties each for a like sum. It also directed him to appear before the police daily until further orders.

It was submitted by the government advocate that the petitioner waylaid the victim who was accompanied by her mother and sang a film song besides pulling her hands.

The counsel for the petitioner submitted that the petitioner and the victim had a love affair. She further submitted that the petitioner had not committed any such offence and a false case had been foisted on him.

Justice S Vaidyanathan said considering the facts and circumstances of the case it cannot be said that the petitioner sang the song with sexual intentions.

“… Also, considering the period of incarceration of the petitioner, this court is of the view that no custodial interrogation is required at this stage and therefore, the petitioner is ordered to be released on bail.”

“This court expresses its displeasure that the filmmakers as well as the producers, instead of inculcating good thoughts and moral values, are corrupting the minds of the youth by using vulgar words in songs and by projecting more violence in films, thereby deteriorating our culture and morality.

“Media is a powerful teacher, whose teachings are never forgotten by people. Therefore, the filmmakers should realise their responsibility to imbibe good thoughts in the minds of the youth, who are the pillars of the future society and should act upon to bring up a good society,” the judge said.

(With PTI inputs)


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