Chennai Police promises to investigate and take action against ‘thug’ followed by PM Modi on Twitter


Chennai Police on Saturday promised to look into the hate-filled tweet of BJP supporter, who PM Narendra Modi followed on Twitter.

Speaking to, Assistant Commissioner of Police,  K.Shankar, said that the city cops were too busy cracking the Swathi murder case and weren’t aware of Ramki’s tweets.

He said, “I must confess this is the first time we are learning about Ramki’s tweets. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. Make no mistake that we will take firm action if what you’ve said turns out to be true. One reason why our department couldn’t spot this earlier was because of our focus on solving the murder and arrest the culprit.”

Chennai Police on Friday had finally arrested a man in connection with the gruesome murder of a techie at a railway station.

The man, believed to have carried out the barbaric act was identified as Ram Kumar.

This, many felt, came as a huge embarrassment to those India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, has been following on Twitter.

13516747_1755385578053358_2815317730816950593_n had highlighted how a right-wing ‘thug’ called Ramki had made desperate attempts to cause riots in an otherwise peaceful Chennai by adding a communal angle to the techie’s murder.

The alleged thug, Ramki, is followed by Modi and has often flaunted photos with cabinet ministers such as VK Singh.


His Twitter profile describes him as “XLRI Alumni, BJP Karyakarta, Social Entrepreneur, Swayamsevak from Chennai.”

What’s astonishing is that even hours after Chennai Police making the arrest, Ramki has not deleted his hate-filled tweet. This, according to many, is a sign that his design was and still is to cause communal violence in and around Tamil Nadu.

Given the high profile nature of his account because of Modi’s endorsement, social media users appeared wary of cops initiating any action against Ramki, who many have termed ‘sick’ and ‘roguish’ on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed his shock and horror on the latest episode of a thug followed by prime minister found to be breaking laws.

He tweeted, ” This is shocking.”

Congress’ Sanjay Jha asked Twitter to take action against individuals such as Ramki, who were blatantly abusing social media to spread hate and violence.

He said, “Dear @twitter @TwitterMedia @Raheelk : Not enough to block accounts, Twitter may need to file police cases too.”’s Editor-in-Chief, Rifat Jawaid, tweeted, “Why is this thug @RamkiXLRI who’s followed by @narendramodi not arrested yet? Just check his profile and TL!”

Social media users too have been reacting to our story. The dominant theme of social media conversation was condemnation for PM Modi, BJP and that they were using communal agenda to make inroads in Tamil Nadu.

The BJP had suffered a humiliating defeat in the just concluded assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, with the party’s all 232 candidates reportedly losing deposits.

What also came as a rejection to the right-wing party was how only 12 lakh of the 50 lakh people who had become BJP’s members through its ‘missed-call’ scheme had voted for the party.

Here are some other social media reactions:


Ankit Kandpal: so Mr Modi follows someone who made an incorrect remark… Therefore the PM is creating riots …. What kind of logic is that….. I remember how the people were crying that if Modi comes to power India will no longer be safe for minorities see no such thing….. If you cannot help someone in his efforts please do not defame him for no reason..

Kathir Krishnamurthi: BJPs only way to get into TN is to create a division…Nothing else. Most Tamils will not trust BJP

Immanuvel David: Its Tamilnadu, BJP and RSS Propogandas wont sell here….BJP won 0 seats out of 234 seats and most of the candidates lost their deposit too even when modi and other ministers campaigned continuously.

Vijay Raj : Kumar BJP tries its dirty tricks in Tamil Nadu, could prove their Waterloo

Kamalkant Tripathi : Two faces snakes are active in India. Beware! Or will become victim of false propaganda.

Murugesh Ramiah: Bloody Chaddis, bhakts and Modi supporters tried even to communalize this…these shameless, spineless morally bankrupt bunch of losers said it was a Muslim Youth who killed her…in fit of anger when attempts at love jihad did not work….

Sameer Ahmed Who is going to punish ramki!??? And who is going to question modi!!!?? Murder is no doubt a very serious offence….but equally serious is the tweet and the followers mentality…Alas!!! Coz of 31% of morons this hate monger is sitting in PMO…



  1. A girl’s gruesome murder has been used for such nuisance. I pray to God that she rests in peace. The society has become so cruel. A body of murdered girl has not been spared. Instead of justice, this is all what we can do to her. Fulfill the hidden agenda by hook or by crook. For God sake, do what you think is right but don’t do it the wrong way. It never lasts.

  2. Well done chennai police.. Let us hope no incident should takes place in future.. Many congratulations to chennai cop..

  3. When BJP came to power minorities got afraid and they were right. From burning of 90 yr old dalit for entering temple to M.Ikhlaq for alleged consumption of beef. Clearing Sadhvi from communal rights in UP and now this Ramki followed by #Modi, seen with BJP ministers. Who is gonna ask and who is gonna answer. BJP has Hindutva agenda but on behalf of minorities is a Shame. RIP political system of India.

  4. Why are people only focussing on Modi following this account. What about the fact that he comes from XLRI. Let’s shutdown XLRI too for generating such idiots.


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