Tamil Nadu seeks Rs.8,481 crore flood relief, PM orders release of Rs 940 crore


Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Monday told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Tamil Nadu will need Rs.8,481 crore towards flood relief and an immediate release of Rs.2,000 crore.

According to her, 169 people were killed in the torrential rains and floods that hit Tamil Nadu.

In a letter to Modi, Jayalaltihaa said: “Many parts of the state have been severely affected due to flooding. (A total of) 169 lives were lost during this northeast monsoon since October 1, and there was widespread damage to property including dwelling units and crops.

“The requirement of funds for immediate rescue and relief and the temporary and permanent restoration of infrastructure has been worked out at Rs.8,481 crores in all.”

The chief minister sought the assistance form the National Disaster Response Fund and other central funds.

Requesting Modi to depute a central team to make its on-the-spot assessment, Jayalalithaa urged him to release Rs.2,000 crore towars relief and restoration operations right away.

According to Jayalalithaa, infrastructure, including roads and bridges, storm water drains, water supply, sewage and electricity supply systems had been battered in many areas.

She said, “A deep depression of high intensity formed in the Bay of Bengal and hit the Tamil Nadu coast near Marakkanam, causing extremely heavy rains particularly in the four northern coastal districts of Cuddalore, Kancheepuram, Chennai and Tiruvallur.”

According to her, based on the forecast received from the Indian Meteorological Department and the alerts received from the National Disaster Management Agency, adequate precautionary measures were taken which minimised loss to life and property.

Jayalalithaa told Modi that, “More than 4 lakh people were shifted to relief camps and provided food and shelter. Rescue and relief operations were undertaken on a war footing.”


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