Tamil Nadu politician Vaiko given one-year jail-term for sedition, Twitterati detect ‘irony of ironies’


A court in Chennai on Friday sentenced Tamil Nadu politician V Gopalaswamy, popularly known as Vaiko, to a one-year jail sentence for sedition. Vaiko, who heads the political party MDMK, was punished for his comments made in 2009 during his book release function. But the sentencing of the one-year the prison term has prompted Twitterati to detect a glaring irony.


The court has, however, stayed the execution of sentencing for a month on Vaiko’s application.

While releasing his book Naan Kuttram Saatugiren in 2009, Vaiko had said that India will not remain ‘one country if the war against the LTTE in Sri Lanka is not stopped.’ The government that slapped a sedition case against him was run by DMK, Vaiko’s ally now. The sentencing has also come at a time when the DMK has nominated him for the Rajya Sabha despite MDMK having no legislators.

Many journalists and eagle-eyed Twitterati were quick to highlight this irony.

Experts say that the one-year jail sentencing of Vaiko will not stop his election to the Rajya Sabha.


  1. The Vaiko led MDMK is BJP’s alliance partner in 2014 elections. The Tamil politician unequivocally supported LTTE and other organizations fighting for separate Tamil Country in Sri Lanka. He is the first member of Parliamentarian and chief of register political party in the country to be detained under the prevention of terrorism act, 2002. He was released after spending 18 months in prison.
    In 2019 he went in alliance with DMK and Congress but given a ticket for his alliance to the Rajya Sabha. The Vaiko led MDMK is ‘nationalist’ as long as it was with BJP led NDA. Soon turned to be ‘Anti-national’ when his chances of Rajya Sabha seat is confirmed.
    If the sedation law applies to Vaiko, then it should also apply to other regional parties like Shiv Sena, Mizo National Front, Naga peoples Party and former members of ULFA who had been given ticket by BJP to contest election who fought aginst Indian Army once for separate Homeland.
    Why the BJP led NDA has separate Yardstick for Vaiko and one for Sadhvi Pragya who has been given ticket for the same crime?
    Jai Hind

  2. Mr. Sheikh, read the news properly before posting comments. “A court in Chennai” sentenced Vaiko. If there were sedition case against any regional political party, then let the court take action against them. Even if they are MIM, TJM, JEM, ML, AMIM, etc.
    This case was filed by DMK and not BJP or Congress. It would have been easier for DMK to withdraw the case and end of the matter…..


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