Sychophancy? Venkaiah Naidu says Narendra Modi is God’s gift to India


Last week when Minister of State (home), Kiren Rijiju posted on his Facebook page arguing how Nostradamus had predicted the Modi rule in India, he was widely condemned for indulging in public sychophancy.

Just few days later, Rijiju’s senior cabinet colleague, Venkaiah Naidu has outsmarted him in flattery for Modi.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu on the concluding day of the BJP national executive, according to a report by The Hindu, called Modi “God’s gift to India” and a “messiah of the poor.”

And his flattery didn’t stop here. He said that the prime minister was the “Modifier of developing India” forming the acronym, MODI.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity has risen to a new level. His statue will now be unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London, Mr. Modi is seen as the leader of the largest democracy on the global scale.”

Naidu reportedly attributed Modi’s 18 million Twitter followers and 32 million Facebook likes to describe his ever rising stature both in India and abroad.

This latest incident of what is bound to be perceived as brazen sychophancy may cause more embarrassment to the saffron party, particularly because it always condemned the rival Congress for promoting the culture of flattery and hero worshipping of their leader by leaders and workers alike.


  1. Sychophancy? Not really. Sychophancy is way Congress leaders act in front of the Gandhis. Naidu is simply stating what majority of Indians want to say – Modi has brought a climate of change where the average guy on the street sees a path to prosperity without resorting to finding a job that brings bribes. If this change in political climate is not God’s gift to India then what is??????

  2. Sure. Why not shame people for loving someone upright, honorable and incorruptible like Modi. And because the Nehru-Gandhis are such saints. They systematically destroyed India with their power grabbing, money-mongering practices. The corrupt clerk at the bottom of the rung is nothing but a reflection of the debauchery in the highest office. Look at what has happened to India post independence. Look at what has happened to India post Modi. Let’s admit, we Indian people are an emotional bunch. So someone was overwhelmed with hope and thought Modi will make India into the destined Utopia that Nostradamus prophesized it would be one day. At that rate, I’ll be a Modi sycophant too. And writers of articles like this can choose to be Paki sycophants.


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