Sweep out corruption from Punjab with broom: Manish Sisodia


AAP leader and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has exhorted the Punjab electorate to “sweep out corruption and the autocratic rule of Badals with broom” (AAP’s party symbol).

Addressing the people in favour of party nominees here yesterday, he said people of the state have witnessed gundaism backed by the ruling Badals for many years.

“The Badal family has grabbed trade and business in the state. The representatives of SAD-Congress have always threatened traders and grabbed money from them.

“It is the need of the hour to form an AAP government in Punjab and change the face of the state,” he said.

Sisodia accused Akali and Congress leaders of looting the state exchequer for their personal gains, adding that trade and industry was ruined by consecutive governments in the state.

“AAP government will provide relief to the businessmen community in the state,” he said.

The AAP leader said agriculture was in bad shape in the state and there was an urgent need to uplift the peasantry.

He said that his party will implement Dr Swaminathan commission report after forming the state government.

“Corruption will be wiped out and rule of law will prevail. The youth will be provided 25 lakh jobs and special training centers will be opened,” he said.

The senior AAP leader said the party government will “reinvestigate” the cases related to alleged desecration of Shri Guru Granth Sahib and those responsible will be put behind the bar.

“The drug supply chain will be broken in one month and Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majitha will be jailed for ruining lives of the youth in the state,” he charged.

Sisodia added that AAP had a roadmap to revive the education system, health, agriculture and trade in state.

He said education will be given priority and government schools will be made better than private schools.

“To uplift health facilities in the state, Mohalla clinic model will be implemented,” he added.

The Mohalla clinic, offering affordable medical aid to people, was started by the AAP-led Delhi government earlier last year.



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