Swaraj Kaushal admits he has been Lalit Modi’s lawyer for 22 years


Swaraj Kaushal, the husband of Sushma Swaraj, has reportedly confirmed that he had been Lalit Modi’s lawyer for over 22 years.

Indian Express quoted Kaushal as saying, “”I was Lalit Modi’s lawyer and went there on his request for legal advice. Naturally they had to pay for lawyer’s stay for one day. Yes, I am Lalit Modi’s lawyer for 22 years.”

Reports suggested that the external affairs minister’s lawyer husband was also a guest for one night at Mumbai’s Four Seasons hotel, where Modi was staying in April 2010. But, according to Kaushal, he was there to advise Modi and not for any IPL related work, though his stay was marked to the IPL account.

Kaushal’s links with Modi assumes significance in light of the revelations that Sushma Swaraj had written to the British authorities clearing the way for Modi to get his travel documents even when he Indian passport was revoked.

There are allegations that the external affairs minister committed an act of conflict of interest by abusing her power.

Her daughter, Bansuri, a law graduate from Oxford, too has been a part of Modi’s legal team.

The story of Sushma Swaraj allegedly indulging in conflict of interest by helping Lalit Modi get travel documents has dominated the media coverage for several days now. BJP’s opponents are demanding her resignation while criticising PM Modi for his silence on the whole issue. Do you believe in #IStandWithSushmaSwaraj or #SushmaMustResign? Cast your vote now.


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