Swaraj India questions AAP donors’ list, challenge for debate


Alleging that the list of donors AAP has submitted to Election Commission and tax authorities is different from the one it has put on its website, Yogendra Yadav-led Swaraj India Sunday challenged it for a debate on its sources of funding.

The allegation and the challenge come a day after the AAP challenged the Congress and the BJP for a public debate at the Jantar Mantar on their sources of funding. On 23 December, Anna Hazare had castigated Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal for not putting its list of donors on its website.

Swaraj India

The AAP, which had taken the donors’ list off its website in June this year, has alleged its donors are “being targeted” by tax authorities.

“Why did the party presents two different list of contributions, one to the tax authorities and Election Commission and another to the public on its website? Why do the two lists not match? What did the party wish to conceal?” Swaraj India’s spokesperson Anupam said.

He also alleged the AAP “collected crore of rupees in cash” in Punjab and questioned where has the money been deposited since it “does not have a bank account in Punjab”.

(With inputs from PTI)


  1. Please convey to AAP – yoya and Anna hazare are no one and they should focus on farmers suicides. For they were not around when archive was fighting with LG for mohalla clinics, schools, class rooms. AAp should not be worried and waste time on this spent forces, coz internal politics by yoya was visible during Delhi elections , and I personally hate him for sabotaging the party’s cause. And this belief is shared by my 10-15 friends also.


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