Surgical strikes happened even during Manmohan Singh regime, but he didn’t employ Twitter army for fake credit


Indian army on Thursday claimed it had crossed the LoC to conduct ‘surgical strikes’ across the border and killed scores of ‘terrorists’ planning to launch attacks against Indian targets.

The news came on the day a massive controversy was beginning to adversely impact the BJP president, Amit Shah, after his name surfaced in a suicide note of a former corporate affairs DG, BK Bansal.

The news sent social media users into frenzy as they rallied behind the Indian troops. People with right-wing ideology moved in with lightening speed to hurl I-told-you-so jibes at their ‘liberal’ enemies while singing praises for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was facing incredible heat following Uri attacks that killed 18 soldiers.

surgical strike
New Delhi: Director General Military Operations (DGMO), Ranbir Singh salutes after the Press Conferences along with External Affairs Spokesperson Vikas Swarup, in New Delhi on Thursday. India conducted Surgical strikes across the Line of Control in Kashmir on Wednesday night. PTI Photo by Shirish Shete

Several pro-government narratives were pushed through journalists and social media users, known to have soft spot for the BJP-led government.

One TV channel ran a special report looking at the last 24 hours of Modi and how he had stayed awake all through the night ‘without drinking a drop of water.’

Desperate attempts were made to make Modi look good as the report left no stone unturned in giving the prime minister sole credit for Thursday’s surgical strikes. From the said channel’s report, it appear as if the army had nothing to do with the anti-terror offensive across the border and Modi had single-handedly conceived, planned and executed the entire operation.

If the pro-government narrative on this TV channel wasn’t enough, the usual suspects on social media joined in desperately seeking to attribute the strikes to the strong nature of Modi government.

User Sadanand Dhume, known for his right-wing leaning, tweeted;

Then there were those who, being true to Modi-supporters, claimed that it was the first surgical strike by Indian government, thereby implying that the previous non-BJP governments particularly led by Congress party simply couldn’t muster courage to indulge in similar offensives in the past.

This despite the fact that the General, who was holding the news conference to inform about the surgical strikes, made it abundantly clear that Thursday’s wasn’t the first surgical strikes by any stretch of imagination.

Curiously though, no sooner had the general finished clarifying, one TV channel ‘abruptly’ cut him off, as observed by journalist Sujata Anandan.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh sought to clarify that the claims of this being the first surgical strike were far from the truth as the army under the UPA government too had conducted several cross border offensives but never ‘hyped’ the issue as much as it was being done by the present regime.

Singh tweeted, “A reminder that Surgical Strike hasn’t been done for the first time. Only difference is that UPA/Congress didn’t hype the issue.”

Singh is right! Indian army conducted at least two surgical strikes between 2007 and 2013 and they were reported too. But unlike this time around, Manmohan Singh did not stay awake or even if he did, he chose not to leak the information to favourable media outlets to seek cheap publicity or felt the need to prove any other point.

Dr Singh also did not employ any Twitter army to build a narrative to project an imaginary image so that this could help him extract the much-needed electoral mileage in the forthcoming elections.

Here are the detail on previous surgical strikes conducted by Indian army under Manmohan Singh regime. The following two were reported by media while on other occasions the military strategy of that time simply may not have allowed the army to announce the measures.


Titled as “Surgical Strikes: Indian army’s new method to deal with sub-conventional operations” India Today journalist Sandeep Unnithan wrote in January 2014, “Surgical strikes is how the army hopes to fight low-intensity conflicts or ‘sub-conventional operations’ (SCO) in the new doctrine unveiled by Army Chief General J.J. Singh. It faces its acid test in the recent massacre of over 50 people in Assam by the ULFA. The army has rushed in 3,000 soldiers, but it will certainly not use fighter aircraft to pop smart bombs into insurgent homes or call for artillery strikes on militant hideouts, like other armies in South Asia, because the SCO doctrine says civilians’ hearts and minds-and not dead terrorists- are at the centre of the entire operation.”

In the same piece, Unnithan went on to describe how a surgical strike by Indian army in November 2006 had helped the troops to eliminate terrorists with considerably less damage to its soldiers.

January 2014

Addressing the annual Army Day press conference, the then Indian army chief Gen Bikram Singh admitted killing of 10 Pakistani soldiers in a surgical strike. Gen Singh warned Pakistan that India would respond in equal measure if Pakistan violated any rules.

He rejected the perception that the Indian military had not retaliated against the beheading of its soldiers by Pakistani troops last year.

He had said, “Let me assure you that action has been taken…If I can invite the attention to the Geo TV report on December 23 which talked of their one officer and nine jawans being killed with 12-13 being wounded. This has happened due to firing of your soldiers on ground.”


  1. Reading this, I certainly would like to throw up on your kind of journalism.. Indian army ‘claimed’?? You can’t even trust your own army? I agree that some bhakts might have gone a little overboard due to the enthusiasm but never expected you to spin it into this direction. You guys seriously need to introspect that whether you are just critical to the Modi govt. (which you are allowed to do by all means) or some one who can sell his/her nation to get some eyeballs and pursue his/her agenda.

  2. In Kannada, there is an old world saying: “Even if he falls flat, he wants to show that his nose was up”. Reading this news that surgical strikes were made during Mr. Singh’s prime Minustership too, reminded me of this saying. I just wonder why people can’t keep quite even if they don’t wish to appreciate someone. These people and associated media should at least know that conducting a surgical strike across the LoC may be a job of the brave army men, preparing ang the world Ali g with us against the enemy is a much more difficult task, which has been accomplished by our Prine Minister Shri Modi.

    • absolutely. Surgical strikes happened earlier also. However in the past, we were just too scared to tell the world that we did those strikes. Congress was just afraid to impact their captive vote bank. Even after 26/11, our previous government just sat tight. Can we forget how sad were the ministers after the Batla encounter. Shame!!

  3. I am sure that Modi wouldn’t have told the media to run those praising news about the surgical strike. But I am sure that the people who has written this article has been told to write this article, by those who couldn’t do anything in last 10 years.

    Whether it is Modi or any other Prime minister, who allowed this most demanded strike by the army, deserves salutes from the nation for making the nation proud. If someone is suffering from indigestion towards these news, should shot his assh…

  4. How do we know this is not a sold media page similar to the claim made about Modi’s reports in media were hyped!?! Sounds liek a congress owned page this one


  5. The author has a problem that modi took the credit. But what I saw in news is, modi didnot at all speak anything. It was general who held the press breifing. Credit is due to Modi for this strike as afterall he is one who took the decision… Remember all study Taj mahal is made the the Emperor. Did Emperor ever did any work during it’s construction. …

  6. Isnot Indra Gandhi given the credit for 1971 war. Did she fight it ?
    The author speaks about 2004 and 2014 surgical strikes, but I found no details about it. Was it surgical strikes or just firing on LOC ?
    Author is having a stomach ache but seems to be a Kejriwal… LOL

  7. It is fact that Surgical strike was carried out in such a mass scale with catastrophic effect to ensure destruction of Pakistan’s terror camps. The war like operation was carried out for 4 hours with no fatalities at our end. There is no point in Digvijay claiming credit for having acted upon in sanctioning couple of minor surgical strikes and try to belittle the present efforts. It is for the first time that Indian Army feels that they are given a free hand when it comes to protecting the honor of the country. Those who never did anything after 26/11 have absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

  8. Why we need Pakistani Spoke person to criticize India, When these fake bloggers are already sitting in India as Pakistani Allies??? Shameful disgrace for these people

  9. Twitter army is a recent phenomenon and it was Pandora’s box first used by Cong to pull Modi down in the run up to 2014 elections. It is to counter this a revolution supporting Modi boiled over.

  10. The articles first sentence “Indian army om thursday claimed” is itself negative approach towards the army statement and their efforts.
    And if this article CLAIMS that all those who came fwd and applauded this strike are right wingers then why is this article not covering leftists view. Eg. When apolitical leader said ” they have listened to the DGMO press brief and other than that he dosent know anything”. Not a single positive comment on the effort by army.

    If u claim there is right winger twitter army than there are those also who write this article who are of leftist thinking.

    And press brief was given by DGMO and npt PM of India. He was not there to take credit.

  11. Nice. Janta Ka reporter (registered only in 2015 after BJP came to Power) is well knows for its left wing leaning. How can we expect a full mouthed praise.

    The story written here just reiterates ‘Moun’ was the Mohan and his deciples.

  12. This author is already biased against Modi government then why the hell we can expect him to be rational.Carry on writing and read it yourself as your writing sucks.

  13. If surgical strikes were done during UPA, then why they didn’t release official news? Forget the hype on twitter. But at least a responsible government should declare that what its army is doing in some major situations like this. Were they terrified of pakistan or someone?

    Absolute waste of time for reading analysis.

  14. So is this reporter trying to give left wing ideology. What does he mean by fake credit. U mean the army navy and air force all lying. These pseudo left wingers find fault at everting Indian army does. OKUPA did not take credit. The media was very much there both Indian and international media. So no surgical strike can be done in isolation. Who is this reporter trying to please. UPA? and what abt Pakistani reaction for the so called surgical strikes during .UPA. was the country put on alert after the surgical strikes. Or did it allow Indian people to be butchered by pakistani troops as a reaction to the Indian strikes.

  15. Sometimes I feel I jab more threat frm ppl like this
    Than from any other army in the world…choose a different country n please be loyal to it. In Hindus there is a term called “matra rin” means we owe to our motherland .Although it seems this site has absolutely no idea of it.

  16. Rifar jawaid has been known as anit-Modi and a stooge of kejriwal….he will go any length to defame Modi coz his lord kejriwal pays him exactly to do that….but marks my words…when the coterie of barkha rajdeep gagarika cldn’t make their mark, you are too insignificant to be cared about….you’ll disappear eventually in the sands of time with your rhetoric and hatred for Modi.

  17. The fact that there was a diplomatic military and media offensive has clearly shown Pakistan in a bad light. Previously there might have been such strikes but for Pak there were easy to digest as no one knew. No one has ever doubted our Army’s ability but the UPA had little or no will to take the initiative as this government has done. Big difference.

  18. Flse claim. How come Rahul supported Modi saying this is the first good thing in his 2 year tenure instead of stating this. Why even Sonia took government side now

  19. 1. The author does not provide any links which he claims published previous news of surgical strikes. Any claim without proof is pure propaganda.
    2. There is a different between hype and information. MMS didn’t even share the info of a surgical strike, let alone hyping it up. So one has to do something before creating it up.
    3. NaMo did not make any press conference himself. MEA and DGMO did the breifing.
    4. Coming from a disgruntled muslim, it seems he has serious heartburn by the just action of Army supported by NaMo.

  20. I hope this comment gets published.

    you insinuate that this attack was orchestrated just because Amit Shah’s name allegedly appeared in a corrupt officer’s suicide note? Yo then go on to say that the entire coverage of the event if driven by newsgroup that favors Modi for his ‘cheap publicity’? You truly are a piece of work my friend. The best thing about such articles is that more the people read such baseless vitriol, more resolve they get to rally behind our national leadership.

  21. To the people commending ‘Shri Modiji’, let me remind you that your dearest Modiji neither planned the operation nor executed it nor risked his life for anything. All that was done by our soldiers, while your beloved Modiji uses their bravery for his own electoral gains.

  22. I have spend considerable time on Google searching for the so called operations done during Congress rule.but could not find any news connected with such operation.
    Considering the hue And cry now made by pakistan in UN.

    So which is fabricated which one true is understandable.

  23. why make such a noise . Are you guys worried about This governments popularity? Or is it UP elections ? or is it because Amit Shah was booed every where he went ?


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