‘Beauty, Salute you!’ Said ‘fan’ Suresh Raina after hearing Kanhaiya Kumar speak


Kanhaiya Kumar’s live speech soon after being released from Tihar Jail on bail had gone viral. His honest yet passionate speech and clarity of thoughts earned him plenty of plaudits from politicians of all hues bar affiliates of the RSS.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal confessed to having fallen in love with the 26-year-old leader of JNU Students’ Union. Joining him in praise for the boy from Bihar was the chief minister Nitish Kumar.

But one significant accolade that almost went unnoticed from the public discourse were the comments made by Suresh Raina, who took to Facebook to express his feelings on Kanhaiya.

Raina too joined Kejriwal and Nitish to announce his public love for Kanhaiya.

He took to his Facebook page to write, ” #Kanhaiya on NDTV right now. Beauty! Can just feel the honesty in every word.. Respect for him. True fighter and honest man. Salute you.”

Raina’s post was an instant hit with fans fervently registering their appreciation for the Indian cricketer’s admirable gesture.

One fan wrote, ” My respect for you has increased. It takes a great courage for celebrity to risk his reputation and say what he feels.”



    • Can anyone ask raina what are the responsibilities of Kanhaiyya being the studens leader? Just making a sweet speech prove innocence??

      • If he was guilty what was the police doing for 20 days. Have you ever asked the leaders what have they done to make the parliament free of criminals and other promises made at the time of election speeches.

        • Why?
          Every body watching day to day proceedings the reactions of other side supporters on arrest of Kanhaiyya who after getting bail shows his ignorance about organising the functions in question. Does this not seems a silly excuse. Oppositions since the formation of NDA govt indulging the nation into a futile debate and not letting the parliament do its business. Kya opposition 5 saal wait nhi kar sakta. And let people decide in next elections. Govt kar hi kya paayi h abhi tak mere unnecessary discussions on demands of oppositions. And asking govt about what it did in less than two years. What means the democracy if selected govt. is not allowed to do as per its policies. Almost 60 years ruled by others what they did. Any question to them???

          • Do all the things require 5 years to be completed can’t some things done within 2 years. Does starting cases against criminal MP’s require opposition support and 5 years. There are many such things which can be done in 2 years, 2 years is a lot of time. Will they fulfill their promises all of a sudden in the last year? There is no difference between UPA or NDA, the fact is current NDA is performing worse then the previous UPA. The things were different in the times of Mr. vajpayee they use to cooperate with others and use to think about all the classes but current government is shameless with no policy or vision. They shamelessly defend the wrong doers. Their only policy is how they can help certain corporate houses. If some people even now want to be ignorant and wait for 5 years for promises to be fulfilled , nothing can be done for them.

          • FIRST ASK RECALLING POWER AND DONOT VOTE PARTIES EITHER LEFTIST OR RIGHTIST. Egalitarianism who adopt for ruling they should be given vote not for parties even AAP to making lot of mischevious things due to its majority. if no party exists the representatives think in common for doing good to the nation. defeat all leftist rightist wings those who participate without party banner and those who will not spend money in election and those persons to be selected .computers to be used in every field eliminating administration constraints

          • Agreed with you on the point that it does not take 5 yeats to fulfill every promise but you must be remembered with statement of PM that people have to face some hard decisions and have to wait for development to be seen on ground. What are the responsibilities of opposition only to protest without any reason and kept on govt to clarify the issues raised shamelessly by them. Did they allowed govt to implement their policies. You said that there is no policy no vision. I really surprise, no PM other than Modi put his policies and vision before public. How many bills let the opposition allows to be passed in Parliament. Hundred of bills waiting there. I very much agree with vasu12345 but what about present mandate of public. Opposition don’t want to see or show poot k paon. They are simply malpropogating what you called poot k paon.

          • Feku is a fraud and is not keen in parliament proceedings. He is only interested in pursuing RSS agenda. By the time he completes 5 years the country would be split into Hindus vs non hindus and all hindus with RSS idelogies will be branded nationals and rest as anti-nationals

          • Can you just explain what is not anti national according to constitution of india what happened during last month

          • Remove Feku and all will fall inline. What was achieved in 60 years has been demolished in 2 years

          • We’re you born before sixty years. There was harmony ,peace and chaddis unseen. Last two years plenty of chaddis alll around with gantas which I agree with you

          • If you have jealous with chaddis its your problem chaddis did not divide the country chaddis did not expelled kashmiri pandits from valley. These questions are unanswered till today. Today’s howwa is artificially created in jealousy nothing such thing happening on ground its only in media and politics.


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