Surat sees yet another Asifa, 11-year-old raped and tortured to death


Amidst the huge outrage in the country over high profile rape cases of Kathua and Unnao, India just witnessed yet another gruesome rape case with an 11 year-old minor raped and tortured to death. The horrid story of Kathua gangrape has come back haunting the country, this time from the Prime Minister’s home state of Gujarat.


As the country was just trying to cope up with the Kathua gangrape case, a case similar to that has emerged from Surat where a girl was raped, brutally tortured, murdered and then thrown to the dumps. Despite the countrywide protests and outrage, time and again such inhumane incidents are coming to light to prove how vulnerable the kids are in our society. Sexual crimes against children by the predators on the streets continue to haunt our innocent angels.

According to the media reports, 11-year-old Surat girl was murdered brutally on 6 April after being sexually assaulted for a minimum of 8 days. A post-mortem report revealed that the girl was raped and then murdered horrifically. It is to be noted that her body bore around 86 injury marks to show the brutality of the crime. This depicts the amount of pain and torture the little angel must have gone through.

As of now, the victim has not been identified and none has come forward to claim the body. It’s still not known who the culprit is. The case falls under Pandesara police station and they are scouting the missing persons’ list.

Reportedly, the police believe that the murder took place at some different location but the body was dumped in Pandesara to probably mislead the investigation. The victim’s picture has been sent to the state police control room for identification process.

A case has been registered and the unidentified accused has been booked for rape under The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. A reward of Rs 20,000 has been announced for anyone providing information about the girl or her family.

The question remains though, how many more Asifas would pay the price of our society’s evil demons…


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