Supreme Court sought Attorney General’s help in WhatsApp and Facebook case


Supreme Court sought government’s response on plea for framing privacy policy for social media networks like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Supreme Court also issued notice to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and sought assistance of Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi in the case.Supreme Court

According to the petitioner Karmanya Singh’s counsel Harish Salve, the non protection of data on WhatsApp and Facebook, has violated users’ privacy.

The court had initially been reluctant on the ground that both WhatsApp and Facebook are both free services and the users are not forced into joining them.

In September 2016, Delhi High Court had told WhatsApp to remove completely all information and data belonging to users who have deleted the app and no longer wish to use it. The decision was given out after WhatsApp’s had decided to share user data with parent company Facebook.

“The privacy policy is in stark contrast to the Privacy Policy existing from 7 July, 2012. In its first revised modification on 25 August, 2016, Respondents (WhatsApp, Facebook Inc. and Facebook India Online Pvt Ltd) have introduced this policy which severely compromises the rights of its users and makes the privacy rights of users completely vulnerable,” the plea alleged.

The Delhi High Court had also asked the TRAI if such services should be regulated.



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