Supreme Court takes note of sting operation on Hapur lynching, Chief Justice agrees to hear case on Monday


Hours after a TV channel aired a stunning expose on Hapur lynching, the Supreme Court took note of the broadcast and said it will hear the case on Monday next week.

Hapur lynching

In its sensational broadcast, NDTV had stung the main accused, Yudhishthir Singh Sisodia, who bragged about killing Qasim Qureishi in his field on suspicion that he was planning to slaughter a cow. In the video, gone viral, Qasim was seen begging for water, but his murderers, mainly Hindutva terrorists, had refused to give him water. Moments later, he had died. The photo of men dragging his dead body in presence of police personnel had gone viral.

In the sting operation broadcast on NDTV on Monday night, Sisodia bragged how the victim kept begging for water and he refused to oblige. “Maine kaha tujhe paani peene kaa haq nai hai, tune marti hui gaaye ko paani nai diya. Meri fauj tujhe choregi nahi tujhe ek ek minute maaregi s*** ko. (I said he has no right to drink water, he slaughtered a cow. My army will kill him by every minute),” he said in the sting video.

The Hindutva terrorists in June had thrashed two Muslim men, 45-year-old Qasim and 62-year-old Samiuddin, in Hapur, about 70 kms from India’s national capital, Delhi. While Qasim died in hospital, Samiuddin had sustained serious injuries.

Sisodia even bragged that he had confessed to his crime before the jailer. “Haan maine bola ki wo gaaye kaat rahe they, maine usko kaat diya… jailer ke saamne (I told the jailer that they [the victims] were slaughtering cows so I slaughtered them),” he said on sting camera.

The accused then fondly remembered how he received a hero’s welcome when he came out of the jail after spending five weeks in jail. “3-4 cars had come to pick me up from jail. People were raising slogans in my name. People welcomed me with open arms, I felt very proud),” Sisodia said.

Among other things, Sisodia also announced that he had prepared an army to teach Muslims a lesson. He said, “Meri fauj tayaar hai. Koi gaaye kaate, s*** mai usko katwaa denge, s*** ko khade khade. Hazaar baar jail jaana pade jaayenge (My army is ready. If anyone slaughters a cow, we will kill them and go to jail a thousand times).”


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