Supreme Court rejects plea against Juvenile rapist’s release, Jyoti Singh’s mother calls it India’s misfortune


A petition challenging the release of the youngest of six men found guilty of raping and torturing a medical student on a moving bus in Delhi on 16 December 2012 has been rejected by the Supreme Court.

The  apex court questioned: “Under what jurisdiction can we extend his detention?” The convict, now 20, was released on Sunday evening from a correctional home to a non-profit organization.

The plea was filed by Delhi Commission for Women. The court told DCW,  “We share your concern but under existing law,detention cannot go beyond 3 years.”

The BJP led government of the centre had supported the DCW in her petition. The SC reportedly slammed the Centre saying that, ‘you have not framed the law but are supporting the petition (against his release).’

Jyoti Singh’s mother reacted angrily calling it India’s misfortune. Speaking to ANI, she broke down.

She said, “I was expecting this to happen. This is very sad. Yeh bharat ka durbhagya hai. No body wants to do anything for the safety of women in India. I will continue with my fight to ensure that the laws are changed so that no culprits ever walk away with such a heinous crime.”

The DCW chief Swati Maliwal told reporters outside the Supreme Court, “This is the black day in India. Unfortunate that the brutal rapist will walk away even after having committed such brutalities. The Rajya Sabha has betrayed the country. Every government has failed Nirbhaya.”

An angry Maliwal added that this is a black day for the entire country and time had come women to take up torches rather than candles.

Jyoti Singh’s father said, “Today’s Supreme Court verdict has given a free run to any juvenile to commit any act of brutalities against girls in this country. However, we will continue with our protests. It’s not the question of one Nirbhaya. We are fighting for the justice for all rape victims.”

Trinamool Congress’ Rajya Sabha MP, Derek O’Brien said that there should not be any politics on Juvenile Justice Act. He said that the upper house ought to discuss this bill and aim to pass it by Wednesday.

CPIM’s Brinda Karat said that she was surprised on how the DCW lawyers didn’t know that under the current laws, the SC was unable to entertain their plea.




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