Supreme Court once again pulls up Haryana govt, says ‘This is not a show.’


The Supreme Court once again pulled up Haryana’s BJP government for providing incomplete data on drought saying that it was not a show.

The furious Supreme Court was hearing hearing a petition seeking help for farmers at a time 10 states had declared drought.

Haryana government had submitted an affidavit earlier, but had given incomplete data.

Commenting on that, the apex court said, “Why should we take incomplete affidavit? We have to cross check those figures again if you give those affidavits later… We will not accept your affidavit now. This is not a show. Is this some kind of a joke going on ?

“Why hadn’t you filed an affidavit till date, you have filed it today instead. Why are you giving rainfall statistics now ?
Where are the details of the drought relief fund and the disaster management fund ? This displays your seriousness towards the matter that the last time you had given the rainfall data for 2013-14 and post that itself you gave the data for 2014-15.”

Last week, The Supreme Court had used some harsh words for Manohar Lal Khattar’s government by saying, “Is this seriousness that you show on this (drought) issue? We are talking about people who are dying, not tourists. This is not about a picnic or roadways in Haryana. This is about drought and how people are suffering.”

This time, according to NDTV, Haryana wanted to submit data for rainfall in 2014-15.

The plea was filed by former Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav’s organisation Swaraj Abhiyaan.

During the last hearing, the court had pulled up the Centre for seeking more time as the Additional Solicitor General was busy in another court and had failed to turn up for the hearing.

As the hearing was to commence, Additional Solicitor General Anand’s junior sought ‘one week time’ as she was not unavailable.

To which the court asked, “How many law officers do you (Centre) have?”

Slamming the functioning of the central government, the apex court had said, “Hum log bethte rahe aur ghadi dekhte rahe. Aap bataiye hum kya kare aur kyu? Kya humara kaam bethe rehna hai aur ghadi dekhte rehna hai. Legal process follow karna zaruri hai. (We remain seated looking at the clock. You tell us what we should do and why? Is our job now to remain seated and stare at the clock? Legal process must be followed.”


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